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Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Addie Jo!

Our Princess Addie turned TWO on Saturday!  

Gosh, it doesn't seem that long ago that we were WAITING and WAITING AJ's arrival; and then waiting and waiting some more.  (Maybe I'll get around to posting her birth story someday while it's still "fresh" haha, but do people read those things?)

Booboo, you came on 1/11/12 and ALL that waiting was sooooo worth it!
And now that you've been around for two years rocking our world, we couldn't be more blessed to have you in our lives.
These past two years have really been spectacular!  

… Here are some pics from Adelaide's special day (well, actually LOTS of pics - and mostly of the birthday girl's face) -

She opened her t-shirt before the family arrived.

Junie had purple on too and was ready to mingle!

Greeting the guests! 

Hi Great Grandma Reva

Hugs all around:

Hmmm… trying to say she's excited!  

Booboo is 2!

Now onto the opening of gifts, where she was either dying laughing or SOOO serious:

All ready to go!

I think she's getting a joke here.

Oh Paw Paw!

Switch. Serious time.

She loved this dancing mat from grandma.

Aqui, some paper for you.

News flash - this fiesta is Sofia-themed!  :)
Despite the face, she loved the Rapunzel Dress for her dress up box collection! 

Over here, guys.

She got this for her Klip Klop Stable.


Cake time: 

Costco Sheet Cake at it's best! 

Softly blowing.

Still softly blowing.

Different angle softly blowing works every time! 


Shaking she's so excited about the figurines.

And about getting to eat this much cake!

And then to finish the day - ring around the rosie with some "old" friends who came over to celebrate. :) 

Adelaide Josephine, on this 2nd birthday, and always, we love you more than you will ever know! 

A little side twist to show off the socks.

XXOO, Mom and Dad, and "Jumie," too! 


  1. Isn't she supposed to be terrible now? She's such a ham. Happy Birthday AJ!!

    1. Haha well she is a stinker a lot of the time - but a cute one at that!

  2. Wow! What a cutie, Sarah!
    And what an awesome celebration you had for her. : )
    Job well done, Mommy!

  3. Aww, I love these, especially the ones where Ben is leading ring around the rosie. Look how far we have come from pontoon booze cruises?!? Love and miss you guys, wish we could have been there too!

  4. The birthday girl is so sweet. This little girl is looking super excited for this bash. Her expressions are looking fabulous. Last year we didn’t hosted party on our kid’s 2nd birthday. But this year we are going to host a fabulous party at one of the prettiest indoor event halls for rent. Can’t wait for the day.


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