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Saturday, March 15, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Spring Has Come (kind of) - Warning, Picture Overload!

St. Patrick's Day weekend is here!  
It's been such a tough winter, but with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, it usually means spring is on it's way!
Here's a look at the non super exciting week we were livin':

The gang in this casa, albeit none of us Irish (shhhh don't tell anyone because I've been trying to pull it off for years by hanging onto EXTREMELY Irish friends so that I can become Irish for a day and get away with it…) are trying to enjoy the little GREEN we have outside!

Well, at least we got out a few times this week:

She "looks" Irish to me!

Not so sure about this, mom.
I'm definitely sure about this, mom.
A walk?  I think I see snow, still.
Since when did this 2 year old get GINORMOUS? 
Oh wait, yes, still snow.  Yumm!
No, Jumie, NO!!!!

Kiss Me, I'm Not Irish.

Then it snowed:

Then it was 60 degrees again: 

Okay, AJ, I get it.

So off to the park it was: 

Now the Bug's getting it!

This is the best thing ever, mom.

Woah, am I just now on number 2?  Okay, that was like a thousand pictures too many.
Moving on…
AJ was busy fixing her lion this week:

And trying to sing all of "Once Upon a Dream"/ Aurora song while twirling.

Last week, I posted about marrying right with this guy:

But forgot to post one of my favorite things he does as a dad (when we picks up the toy room):

He likes to set up the toys so that the girls think they've been playing overnight. 

Another amazing Bill moment happened this week.
He gave me a MENTAL HEALTH afternoon, in which he had the girls from 12:30pm on.
It was awesome to be out and about and not have to worry about anything.
Here's hoping that it's the first of a few more this year! ;)

This is the list of some of Addie's Spanish words in case he needed them.  I forgot CAJA = box, but I think he remembered most of them! 

I got new glasses on my afternoon out.  
I mean the idea of getting new glasses thrills me, but then I always end up taking two hours too long and getting stressed to the max in the process… so I don't really know why I look forward to it, then. 

I'm hoping to be in the next Space Jam movie.

Last weekend we celebrated my Dad's birthday by duckpin bowling with everyone; but for his actual birth-day, we visited him at work and the girls thought it was SOOOO cool:

Looking for Mary.  June didn't get the memo.

It's really weird to think Addie Jo will be walking these hallways in 12 years, with or without that puppy. 

And finally, we had a lot of fun outside today before it's back to 28 tomorrow:

Here's hoping you all have a bright and sunny weekend! 

Well, maybe not THAT bright.

Linking up with Jen per usual!

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