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Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 9 Months Old and More!

First week in March comin' atcha - 

Linking us with the lovely Jen

Aunt Katie brought over 3 roses for the 3 Williams' girls this week - each with a little tag in "our colors" -

AJ wants to hold hers ALL the time.

We, as in Addie Jo, can't get enough of these lately - 

Vanilla covered raisin mini-snacks in Easter colors. 

Um, yea, like who doesn't like yogurt covered raisins, mom?

 Speaking of AJ, this two year old is getting some confidence lately, and shall I say swagger

Thinking she's pretty cool walking in the store by herself.

The June Bug is getting older too, and is into eating lots of things with her hands, like frozen peas, raspberries, strawberries, etc.  
Well, kind of:

Junie will be 9 months next week, but had her 9 mo. appointment this past week.  

Oh hi, mom. I like to do EVERYTHING I'm not supposed to.

 She's almost 31 inches and 23 lbs.  That means she's way off the charts for height but ACTUALLY on the chart for weight - well, in the 97th percentile - not that you can tell by these pictures - 

Looking good our nina loca.

I've finally wised up a little and gotten on the bandwagon of using coconut oil for everything this past week.  
EXCEPT being the idiot mom that I am sometimes - I set Addie Jo's cowgirl hat on top of it and she pulled the whole jar on her last two toes, sending us both overboard with yelps!!! 

Watch out, lots of benefits to coconut oil but could be used as a weapon. 

I was so worried she broke her toes because they looked AWFUL; but 24 hours later, she seemed like she recovered okay: 

Pump those elbows! 

Yesterday we went to see Bill at work/do the annual "know your numbers check" for our health insurance.  
Of course this little outing was a big deal for the girls and their dad. ;)
So we had to bring puppy Daisy:

And get a picture with dad in front of his favorite truck in the showroom - 

This truck is called a Raptor.  No I did not trade in my husband.  This is Bill with a, dare I say, much needed TRIM.

AND because Addie loves to say CARMAX now, I thought I'd end with a picture of one of Bill's other favorite cars that he decided to demo yesterday:

Taking out a Mustang could be Bill's favorite perk of his job.
Mine is the good health insurance we are still blessed to carry!
To each his/her own. ;)

Have a vroom vroomin' weekend friends! 


  1. We are a Ford family here too!
    And Madison is all about Coconut Oil!
    Love your loves! They are sweeeeeet!
    Happy weekend!

  2. I do love that new Mustang too, the back kind of reminds me of the Delorian in Back to the Future and I always really liked that car too :-) Yogurt covered raisins, got to try that with Evs, as he loves both. Might was well put them together.


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