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Saturday, March 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes Coming To You from an IRISHWOMAN!!!

I'm 7 Quick Takin it today for the first time as an Irish woman (since knowing I have Irish in me, anyways)!!! 
Ok, ok, so why is this a big deal?
Because I've lived this long not knowing that I am Irish (which is a long time).

I've always celebrated St. Pat's with the best of them, but have had to say to people who ask if I'm Irish, "No, I'm not… just for the day, or just by association," kind of thing...

Then, on Monday, St. Patrick's Day, my German/Hungarian siblings and I got this email from my dad:

In talking to Grandma, she told us that Grandpa Walt Sahm's mother was an Eagan – that's right Irish!  That means that you are all 1/16th Irish.  So you finally get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as true Irishmen and women! 

Have a blessed day,


*Then a 2nd email came in later that day letting us know we are even more Irish than a few hours before (something that I'll always remember because I was cracking up for awhile):

Dear O'Sahm's.  Okay.  Irish heritage newsflash.  Grandma Reva checked with My Aunt Nancy and confirmed the spelling and first name of your Irish great-great-grandmother,  Amelia Egan.  In the process, she discovered that your great Grandma Anne's mother was also Irish, Kate Adair, presumably from County Adair in Ireland!  So, I think this means that Grandpa Bill was 1/2 Irish, I am 1/4 Irish and you are 1/8 Irish.  So, I am equal parts Irish and German.  This explains a lot.

Now don the green! 



AHHHHH!  So fun! 
I always knew there was a reason I liked Guinness so much!

This one gets to find out she's 1/16 Irish at 2 years old! 

So I forwarded those emails to one of my besties - the always Irish (and I think still pregnant) Colleen - and she surprised me with this in the mail yesterday for my birthday - 

It matches the birthstone bracelets I have for the girls (one gifted from her) and came with a note attached that read: Happy Birthday to a newly Irish girl!

We had such much fun last weekend celebrating Libby's 3rd birthday with a Sheriff Callie themed party:

AJ loved the Sheriff Callie attire but didn't like the camera.

Yes, Dad.

Over here, guys!!!

Nope, mom.

Got the birthday girl finally! 

Then we stopped by the Sahms to celebrate cousins Teagan and Ari's 7th and 5th birthday in the evening since we couldn't make it the actual birthday during the day.  
This one was a football themed birthday with jerseys to boot! 

Aunt Jessie made Addie Jo a "PINK #11" jersey

To cut bangs, or not to cut bangs? That was the question.

Will post pic of them styled soon!

My bald spots from babies were growing out so I decided I needed a change.

This week in the young adult bible study that my sister Katie runs, we started this 8 week series called Oremus on prayer:

It seems great and I'm glad we are doing it during Lent!

And I'd hate to leave you without sharing a Once Upon a Child purchase; so I won't. :-)
Here's the latest (and I hope greatest) one yet:
A Valco Tri-Mode Twin Stroller - $700 new, $80 used from Once Upon a Child, although so beat up and rough that I don't even know if it could be considered the same… maybe I scored?  Hoping so! 

Now, it doesn't look like this AT ALL, because it is SUPER ratty, but hoping it works all the same!!!

Happy First Weekend of Spring, all! 

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  1. The Irish part is hilarious! Congratulations! ; )
    And so much fun and love and family and fun in your girls' lives! : )
    Can't wait to see the new hair!
    Have a great Sunday...


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