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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!

We celebrated my dad's birthday this past weekend with mom's great idea of duckpin bowling!  
Growing up, we have some great memories of going duckpin bowling a handful of times, but Bill had never heard of it, so maybe it's only an Indiana thing?!
The bowling alley is in an OLD theater building down in Fountain Square, where nothing's been touched in the hundred years it's been around - pretty cool! 

My snap happy self (and Katie's snap happy self as well) took a few pics of our duckpin bowling excursion… so if you're bored enough to glance at some blurry pics, here they are -

It all starts with having to bring the puppy in the purse:


We all kept cracking up watching AJ carry her puppy because we have no idea who taught her to carry a purse like this (I just lug the diaper bag around); so maybe it's just natural?!

Pics upon arrival…


It's crazy to think she came home from the hospital in this seat… just a tad SNUG these days!

And on to BOWLING,
where we had some excited lil ones:

And then one who was not so excited:

Hmmm, I'm not sure yet, aunt Kake.

At least she had the cheerleading part down:

And I mean REALLY had the cheering thing down.

And then because she was STILL nervous, AJ became the SCOREKEEPER:

Grandpa is trying to keep a straight face here.

BUT then she started warming up and bowling with grandpa:

And finally, she decided to be a bit more adventurous: 

Which led to celebrating and dancing:

And more celebrating and dancing:

And then after Addie had FINALLY gotten the hang of it, it was time to head down to eat - where mom treated us to lunch and sweets:

And so it ended, 
the same way it began...
with the puppy in the purse.

Walking out to the car and not giving the paparazzi the time of day.

So there was a "flip book" of Addie Jo's first duckpin bowling excursion/aka Grandpa's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad/Grandpa!  
We love you so much and are so blessed to have you as such a big part of our lives!  

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Sarah...
    Looks like a fun time!
    Love your little purse lady with her white sweater and hair ribbon. Perfect accessories for a day out! : )


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