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Friday, May 9, 2014

7 QUICK Takes - On an Actual Friday!

Happy Friday!  
Here's the latest and greatest, I think I'll stick with the latest of the week - and yes, they are actually on FRIDAY and are actually SUPER QUICK (as they should be, but never are)... 

Addie Jo is now potty trained.  Yep, that's right, potty trained.
Well, as long as she can go in her own house in her own little toilet, that is...
We became the parents who bribed her with treats, and even gave her a new toy when she became consistent.
Now, the great thing is, she doesn't think anything of it and it's not a big deal to always use the toilet, which means it's a success (except the part where she still wants a treat)! 
She was pretty excited about getting the last Klip Klop princess for her stable.

We celebrated aunt Jessie's birthday on Sunday with ice cream sundaes - Yum!

And I thought I'd share the most unrealistic pic I've taken to date - 
This lasted about 30 seconds before June started throwing the tea party pieces.

Since it's been so nice here in Indy, we've been strolling in our stroller when we can.
I don't know why I think it's so funny, but June usually rides with her feet up on the bar.  
Maybe it's because she's growing so fast and will only have little baby feet for a little while longer; but I think it's really because I love her "squishy points," as Bill calls them (narrow feet that are fleshy at the same time is the literal definition ;).
Scowling and showing off her monkey toes.
And yes, Addie's only two and already looks too big for the stroller! 


We've also been having fun playing outside in the 80 degree weather - 
June likes the mulch at the playground
And AJ loves the water table! 
Back and forth watering the plants.
Middle of a dance move, I think.

Moving on… told you these were quick! 

This is the funniest quote I've seen this week - 
Funniest because I actually forgot the diaper bag one day this week and thought my life was coming to an end. 

And this is the funniest mother's day quote I've seen all week - 

Happy Mother's Day!
And have a smiley weekend says the June Bug!

Almost a wardrobe malfunction, but then again, I guess AJ lost her bathing suit top above! 

Linking up with Jen at conversion diary on an actual Friday for once!!!

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