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Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt 2014… Coming To You on Cinco de Mayo!

I thought it might be too late (2 weeks?!) to post the pics from the Easter Egg Hunt this past year at Bishop Chatard
 but then I figured 1.) It's actually still the Easter Season, 2.) It's not that late if I'm able to buy Easter decor on clearance, and 3.) I'll be right there with the Loboda family with the "it's better late than never" post of Easter pics (you should hop over to give them some love because there are babes on the beach in their Easter post = irresistable).

75% off at Pier 1! Couldn't resist!

Lining up on the sidewalk before the hunt - 

Hugs from Maverick!

Surprisingly, PawPaw, it's a pink basket.

Seriously? I don't stand a chance getting eggs with these bigger kids! 

Oh wait, hold up, gotta go see the Easter Bunny before the hunt with grandpa!

Ummm, maybe a lift to help the nerves?

Yes, he's as scary as he looks. Tears were shed after this meeting.

Okay, back on track for the hunt -

Watch yourself Jumie, these are mine.

And then fun games in the gym -

Well, lets just place the bean bag in the hole, shall we?

June held her one egg in her hood for safe keeping.

Hope you all have a BLESSED and hoppy happy Easter Season! 

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