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Monday, May 26, 2014

Days Like These

The past couple of weeks have been filled with sunny afternoon walks, yard work (with the amazing smell of peonies filling the air), park playing, and watching the girls grow bigger (and cuter) every day!

I have a feeling that years from now, if I ask myself the question, "If I could go back in time to a place in our lives that I miss," I would probably choose now - a time when the days aren't filled with busy schedules or rushing to school activities, but with just the simplicity of being with the girls…

So I thought I'd dump lots of pictures and over share about the girls since I haven't posted to this blogity blog in awhile... 


Lately, Addie's been into -
- checking herself out in the bathroom mirror while singing songs and flipping her hair (we have to lower the mirror for her to see herself so it's quite the production).
- using the big potty all the time and thinking she's a a big kid (hence the need to wash her hands at the sink and needing the mirror lowered)
- dancing with her dolls and her dad
- trying to figure out if she's Elsa or Anna from Frozen (it changes often)
- telling people they are either pretty or guapo, depending on if they are a girl or boy

Even though Addie Jo is usually a momma's girl, she's definitely after her dad's heart because she always wants to wear her Michigan gear and yell, "Go BLUE!" -

She's not into smiling for pictures anymore but instead makes this face when I say, "CHEESE!"


She's really into books and I love catching her reading (or having her "friends" read to her) -

This is one of her favorite "puzzles" - 

She asks for waffles or pancakes every morning for breakfast -

She could stay at the park all day and throws a fit whenever we leave-

And she's still loves to color and paint and helped me paint the flower box where our basil grows -
Que artista! 


At 11 months, June's into - 
- being held as much as physically possible (aka the snuggle bug)!
- walking from furniture to furniture (when she's actually not being held AND while being overly pleased with herself)
- being the biggest DADA'S girl around! 
- squealing every time I approach her with an avocado or strawberries
- saying "Momma, Dada, and gogo"
- climbing on everything

She's into the dolls that Addie's into and it's really fun to watch her play with them-

 She also cries when we have to leave the park - 

 She loves to play with the girls' little kitchen - 

Her favorite book right now is Time For Bed and she leans in to kiss the page with the dog on it - 
Bill, I hope you aren't getting any doggone ideas!

And finally, her Hair Status-
wavy frizz with a sprout

I will always remember these days as the "good old" ones and will soak up everything I can!
God is so good! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I agree completely!! Sometimes it's hard amidst the tantrums and exhaustion to take in the moment, but I think you are right we will look back on these days with joy. Sorry I haven't figured out a way to comment non-"anonymously" lol, pathetic I know! ~Angela Barek :)


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