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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Addie's 5 FAVES in Grandpa's Yard

Since we live in an old house with a city lot, there isn't a ton of room to run and stretch; BUT we have the luxury of using my parents' yard (well, anything outside of the house is referred to as PawPaw's stuff haha), as much as we want, whenever we want.  And talk about stretching out - Addie Jo can run through the grass until she's sick to her stomach! 
So today, while the girls and I were exploring outside over there, I thought to share to Addie's Faves in Grandpa's Yard.
*Something tells me she'll like these things for years to come, too! 

The little house - this tiny house used to be a 2nd story play house on stilts that my dad built when we were little.  He took it down and added the little porch awhile ago and Addie, June, and all kids love it!

Hanging on their little porch.
Addie and Audrey cheesing it!

The pool. but only with no one splashing. and while only strangling whoever's neck agreed to "swim" with her. but she loves it.

*no proof necessary for that one/aka I couldn't find a pic that showed that the adult she's clinging to was having just as much fun. 

PawPaw's bridge - where she throws sticks in the creek. and talks about the fish she can't see. and then finds sticks to throw in again.

She thinks that grandpa made this for her.  Shhhh don't tell her he has to drive the mower over it to cut the other side.

She is super confident on the puente!

The trails in the woods grandpa cleared for her. and june. and the boys. and her friends. where she tells everyone that the path is for all those people just listed. and this is also where she thinks she's princess Aurora. in the forest.


And this just in - the old tire swing. because just recently, she's finally liking swinging again.  score.

I'm not sure why I chose to put all those periods in to talk write like.that… did it help the effect? :)

Fave-ing it with Mama Knows Honey Child on this day of the hump.  

Have a nice week! 

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