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Friday, September 12, 2014

I'm BAAAAAACK + 7 Quick Takes September

So I've been away from this blog stuff for a little while …
I guess it's kind of like summer break = blog break! 
(haha the EX TEACHER in me equates summertime to break time)!

I didn't know I'd be taking such a long break - but I think I can say it was much needed! Although it's not like I was that consistent of a blogger to begin with, obviously... but doing my weekly updates or posts here and there throughout the week was something I liked to schedule in.

I wish I had a good excuse for my blog absence, but I don't really (I have something in the works that I'll definitely want to share when it's further along - a project I'm sure I'll be asking for prayers and support when it comes out)!

*But in actuality, I just couldn't bring myself to get back to it the last several weeks for some reason.  I instead tried to go to bed earlier (although Bill and I haven't slept through the night for the last month and a half because of the girls); I've also tried to be more consistent with laundry and nightly pick-up around the house; and we have just been a bit busier with activities this summer!

But since I enjoy hitting the blog when I can, I've definitely missed posting, along with reading the blogs I follow.  Every so often, I'll take a quick glance around at what's been posted but I definitely haven't kept up with others as I'd like.

...SO, now that it's September, I'm hoping to get back to it more regularly!  

* I will definitely post some SUMMER pics to add to this "scrapbook of a blog" (that's a forewarning!)but I'll kick off with a good old 7 Quick Takes for the first week of September - 

1.) September means that Oktoberfest will be celebrated in Germany… 

Maybe someday...

and it also means that Sam Adams Octoberfest will be available for purchase drinking.

Bill's favorite! Prost!

This is what else we've been up to this September - 

2.) A nice Labor Day weekend cookout at the Sahms.
Cousin Teagan is a BIG 2nd grader now and still the sweetest! 

And these two had fun playing super heroes and catching bugs - 
Will AJ still be taller than Zeke when they are seniors in high school?  To be determined!

3.) Labor Day Fun.
I know I always go on and on about how much we love our neighborhood, but that's because there's always things "going on" around here!  We had a fun night of getting frozen yogurt and a listening to a jazz concert around the corner from us!  

June thought she was cooler than usual by getting to walk there by herself - 

She only tripped 5 times.
Aunt Kate walked over there with us!

Couldn't resist posting this one!


4.) Library date with Dada.
There's a free library class that we like to go to when we can and this past week was exciting because Bill got to come with us and the girls loved it (I did too because he held on to squirmy Jumie!)!

Of course she was perfect this time around!  

5.) Penrod.
This past weekend we went to the Penrod Arts Fair, one of the coolest events Indy has to offer.
We had a great time in the kids section!
There were crafts, puppets, music, AND magicians.

Check out June's reaction to the disappearing ball trick - 
For the 5 minute magic trick, Addie was nervous, Zeke was cracking up or eating, and June just stared.

That's hard to do, Junie.

And since AJ loves bridges, I had to get a shot of these two walking out together over a bridge.

6.)  I finally got my hair trimmed via a Groupon offer (it had been since before June was born that I had had it cut - yuck)! 
And since the lady complimented me on my color (I didn't have the guts to tell her I do it myself in case she'd go on and on about how she should do it instead), I thought I'd share the after cut pic - 
I don't know how to take selflies but was glad my double chin was covered up here.

7.)  Chick-Fil-A
Since I told Bill I'd put this on the blog, I would love to share this with you all - 
He was not one of the first 100 people to pitch a tent and sleep outside of Chick-Fil-A to win chicken for a year… BUT when he stopped in for breakfast on his way to work (having dodged tents and people outside), he found out he was the first one through the drive-thru.  He LOVES that place and was a little bummed he didn't get any coupons… but oh well, still pretty cool! 

So hopefully I will be around this bliggityblog more often (standby for TONS of SUMMER PICS coming soon); but ciao for now and hope you're busy riding like the wind, playing princesses, or getting kisses from cowgirls like we are over here!

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