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Monday, September 22, 2014

Michigan Trip, 2014

The past few years, we've been fortunate enough to make it up to Michigan twice a year to visit Bill's parents.  And since Bill has just 3 weeks vacation from work (15 days, technically), we really use the trips up there as "vacation;" and this time around was no different!

The girls had the time of their lives and it was so fun to see them really enjoy themselves (when they weren't having breakdowns from being so tired from all the fun - eeeeek!).  We couldn't thank Grandpa and Grandma and Nana enough for all they did to host us while we visited.

I thought I was going to go insane not being able to take pictures on the trip, but then I had to remember that it's much more important to experience these memories rather than snap away.
***I guess that's a little misleading because I still got 10,000 pics with my phone! :)

Here is just how much fun the girls had (via not as nice phone pics but will have to do pics):

That toy dog is actually real! 
First time meeting the Pizza Elmo.
Apples from the tree! 

My favorite Shock Top - that I haven't found in Indy.

There was lots of playing outside -

The light streaming through the trees was so great!

And stalking Puppy Daisy - 

Sorry Daisy! 

And there was chasing inside - 

This 15 month old stomped around like she owned the place.

And annoyed the poor puppies too.

Phew, chasing break.

And there were cold cheeks because it was brrrrrrr for a couple of days - 
Thursday was a lot colder than Wednesday but the girls didn't seem to mind!

Thank goodness for the fire!

Not that the girls sat around the fire for long!

Grandpa and Grandma with an Addie photobomb!

Pizza Pie!

We went to the park and the beach - 

Guess who loved the sea horse?

June is such a beach babe - she loves the sand! 

Right before she pressed her face in it.

And she's off!

Captain Addie's pirate ship!

Bill and I got out for a walk during naps on Friday afternoon -

Dirt roads = perfection

Then we were off to Nana's and she surprised Bill with an early birthday cake -

Blue fingers.

Then Bill and Nana had help moving some dirt - 

First signs of Fall.

Then we were off to the park and beach in Port Huron - 
We tried to get some cute pics in these cute chairs from Nana.

Ummmm, lets try and move the chairs in front of the water...

Hmmm… Girls? :)
Good scowls.

The Bug can't be tied down for too long ever.

June doesn't have time for pictures! 
She wants to be on her own!
See ya!

Nana and Addie on the swings.

The girls loved playing in the backyard and taking walks in the neighborhood.  June especially loved visiting Mary -

They both came toppling down soon after this!  Oops! Glad they were both okay!

And finally, fun in the HUGE tub!

After quite a few hundred phone pics, that's a vacation wrap!

Thanks for a great time in Michigan, abuelos! 
Happy travels to you all, too. :)

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