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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Leaves, Leaves, and a Ring That Was Lost AND Found

Once a Fall (well, okay, only last year and this year), I like to take the camera out to snap the girls playing in the leaves.
Here are plenty of unnecessary leaf pictures from last weekend -   

Ta-da!!! June said about 1,000 times while throwing the leaves.
No more belly shirt - ta-da!!! 

Get, 'em, Junie!

This is when Bill realized his wedding ring slipped off when he was throwing the leaves!  Oh no! He was more upset than I've seen him in a long time - he was devastated!
So he spent 3 hours searching for it with a flashlight with no luck and then slept on it.  
At work the next day, a coworker overheard him saying how he lost his ring somewhere in the back yard and told Bill to borrow his METAL DETECTOR!  

Pic Bill sent me from work of the metal detector.

He came home that night and found the ring in a few minutes!!!  It was already pressed down in the mud and never would have been found without that trusty metal detector.  As soon as he found it, he ran upstairs and said, "This is blogworthy!!!"  Just look at this face -
I concur!  You made the blog, Stinker!  

So here's to leaf jumping and being legitimately married!

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