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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bill's Barn Birthday Bash

There's no doubt that my mom is super creative and festive when it comes to celebrating her son-in-law (and grandkids, of course); but she and dad outdid themselves this year with a Barn Dance Theme to celebrate Bill's birthday and Halloween!
There was pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, salad and fruit, cookies and cupcakes, Square Dance Music, and a Hayride!  And I know that Bill and Teagan, Ari, Zeke, Addie, and June had such a great time!

Here are the pics from that night a couple weeks ago -

Mom and Dad did a great job decorating the barn! 

It was so warm that day that Junie didn't want to wear her wool cow costume (it definitely came in handy when it was in the 30s for Trick or Treating later in the week, though).

The kids Halloween baskets on a straw stack - pretty festive, huh?

There was also one of grandpa's famous Hayrides -

Since I passed on the ride, I thought it'd be a good idea to take pics of the yard with the sun setting -

And of the Bug driving the "tractor" with grandpa -

Then it was time for treats - 

Grandma and Grandpa started the dance party to end the night - 

The Farmer and his good witch!

If that doesn't scream Happy 32nd Birthday and Happy Halloween, I don't know what does! ;)

- I loved that the next day when Addie woke up, she talked about how fun grandma and grandpa's was and all she got to do; and since Bill never changed into a costume after work, she said, "And Dad, you were a Carmax worker, right?"  

Thanks a bunch, mom and dad, for always making special occasions that much more special!  
We'll always remember these times and it means so much to us!

And Bill, thanks for being the best husband and dad us girls could ask for!
God blessed us tenfold with you!
We love you!  

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