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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

17 Months - Looking Back on a Most Spectacular Day

Today is June's 17 month birthday.  
The reason I'm a little sentimental about it is because Addie was 17 months to the day when June was born (Addie = January 11th, June = June 11th).  It's hard to imagine June running into the hospital room to meet a new sibling like Addie did back then - 

The past couple of months, as her 17 month birthday was approaching (if that's a thing), I kept looking at the June Bug and wondering how we would do it with another one the same age difference as the two girls.  It's no secret that Addie was quite a bit easier as a baby with a completely different personality that Junie's (not that that's always better); and even though she's been a little more wild at times, we've enjoyed every crazy minute with her around.  
None of us can imagine life without June keeping us on our toes - with all her spunk and energy and stubbornness.  Her tight neck hugs, kisses, and bedtime snuggles melt our hearts.  Her "talking eyebrows" and "Hi, Moma; hi Dada's" make her irresistible.
She cracks us up all.the.time. and she is truly a riot.  
June Mercedes, we are truly blessed to have welcomed you into our lives 17 months ago and we thank God for every moment with you!
We love you more than life itself! 

She's as sweet as she is tough! 


  1. Oh my!
    17 months already?
    She is indeed a blessing.
    And I know exactly what you are saying about the age thing...
    And the difference in each little girl.
    Madison and Peyton were/are the same way!
    Keeps things interesting, right!?
    Have a great day with your sweet family! : )

  2. I forgot the your girls are "to the day" too! It makes it so much fun to compare!


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