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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tasteful Tuesday - Beer Bread

After I had Addie, a friend of mine from church brought us a meal (the best thing after having a baby is not having to cook some nights!) with beer bread. 
I really like hearty, filling meals especially after babies and this went perfectly with the casserole and salad she brought.

*Not to worry if you don't like beer - my friend doesn't like it but she and her kids love this bread (but it's also good if you like beer too).

It's definitely not for the gluten conscious, but if a warm piece of bread with butter makes your dinner complete, this is something to try!  AND it's super fast - no waiting for it to rise - just mix and bake!

I made it last night with Chicken Cherry Pasta to take to my cousin who just had her baby.

I'm not sure where my friend got the recipe a few years ago, but here's what she sent me -

I used a Porter but any bottle of beer works and I'd go lighter if you're not a beer fan -

Egg wash (don't know why I took a picture of it) - 

Dry ingredients -

The beer poured into dry ingredients - 

The dough slapped on a floured surface - 

The dough after being kneaded (aren't you loving all these unnecessary pics?) - 

On the pan with the egg wash ready to bake at 375 - 

Doneski -serve warm with butter! 

Enjoy on a chilly fall/winter night and don't' forget the butter! 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you!
    For all the pics too...
    Would you believe with all my baking, I'm not a bread maker?
    Little intimidated, I guess.
    But this? This I shall try.
    Thanks!!!!! : )
    And enjoy the season...
    What fun you are going to have with those sweet babes! : )


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