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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dance, Dance

There's this thing that my family always does, no, E X P E C T S, to do at wedding receptions.  
And that's dance.  I mean really dance.
Not just the swaying in your chair as you watch the bride and groom, or the quick pass on the dance floor because you feel obligated to "kind of dance"; nor the 1 or 2 slow dances you convinced your date to dance with you.  
I'm talking the shoes kicked off, sweat through your shirt or dress (and might have to change later), felt like you just had a workout kind of dancing.  The kind of dancing that if you didn't grow up with, you might be scared of initially (sorry Bill, or any future family member).  
I even grew up thinking that all families were like this at weddings, and much to my chagrin, I found out they weren't.  Which is okay but just different, I guess ;)
But, as far as I'm concerned, there will always be dancing when it comes to weddings...

So a couple of weeks ago, my aunt Gracie married this nice guy named Maris. 
And oh yeah, he just so happens to be the guy who played Jimmy Chitwood in the movie Hoosiers

- not that it's SUPER important, but if you are from Indiana or grew up on basketball, this movie is legendary (and one of my all time faves.)  So lets say that makes it pretty cool!  

Onto the reception:

Warming up - 

Taking some moves from Grandpa.  Where is Addie going?  Embarrassed of grandpa?  Haha

Dad's signature move

AJ coming back over

Shakin it


I will remember these faces for the rest of my life!
This is what this one did the whole time!  Apparently, she didn't get the memo about the dancing.
I guess we'll let her off the hook at 3 weeks old.

Waiting in the sidelines

With aunt Katie.  Oh there are some princesses!

She's off!

AJ even got her dad to dance

Grandma, you're doing Grandpa's dance? I know that one!

I know this one, too!

Oh hi Princess Gracie

Um, I forgot the dance
Ready for more

 I hope you all are lucky enough to have this much fun dancing at weddings (or at least watching us crazies cut a rug)!  

I pray you live happily ever after, aunt Gracie and Maris!


  1. Oh...this was so sweet, Sarah! What fun! What a wonderful family day...so glad you all enjoyed it.

    I love the matching dresses on your two little sweeties!

    Have a wonderful week. : )

    1. hope you have a great week too!
      thanks for noticing the matching dresses ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! I love these pics and your captions!! Addies dress is adorable. Once you get on a good routine like when June is 6 months, I am coming to visit with Hope. Or actually maybe you should come here :). Love you!!
    ps. I can't believe she married jimmy! what?? I need to see a picture of him. :)

    1. haha yes, you need to see a pic of him - looks the exact same but with grayish hair. people still ask for his autograph all the time when he's in indy...
      and yes a visit is in order! bill and i talk about how to make it work every month. haha that's how badly i want to go. this year it comes down to lack of vacation time that he has bc of taking time off for the junebug and our trips to michigan but i'm dying to get down there! love your new blog stuff, by the way

  3. I will never forget the awesome dance you, your sisters, and your mom did at your wedding! AWESOME! Addie looks so cute watching her cousins...and when did they get so grown up??

    1. haha okay, i don't know about awesome... but thanks! it was more for fun/a joke, well, okay, really just to get mom out there ;)
      yes, teagan and ari are getting so old - and they are fun pool and wiffle ball friends for your kids when we all get together!
      hope you are doing well. wink, wink


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