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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Bug

We've had a wonderful few weeks with our sweet June making her debut in Casa Williams.  
Here are some LOTS of pics that show why we are so in love with our newest member:

Week 1:

Breakfast Time - first morning home! 

Ummm June Bug, you're a little close

Oh look, your footy pjs have bears on them! 

No banana for you yet, Junie! 

Current sleeping arrangement - Bassinet in mom and dad's room

Lil smirk

Father's Day = 5 Days Old!

Bill with his girls! 

Visiting Grandpa 

Week 2:

Hi guys! 

Setting up for photo shoot in the back yard

Mom, your hand is still in the shot

The stare-down

Liking shoulder time

Loves to be wide awake! 

Snug as a bug!  

Tummy time

Showing off

One of my favorite outfits - yes, that's a tie-died t-shirt!

At great aunt Gracie's shower

Yes, that's a polo dress with a popped collar! What a LONG baby! 


SOOOOOO many pics of June in her seat!  I just can't help it! Yep, another tie-died shirt!

Oops, bow slipped over this lil pirate's eye! 

She smells as good as she looks! ;)

So tired of being such a cute JUNE BUG and of mom taking so many pics!!!!

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  1. Loved every single picture of your sweet baby and family, Sarah! Don't you just love "bringing home a new baby" time? Thank you so much for sharing this very special time with us! Enjoy! She is beautiful!


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