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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pics from the 4th - it's still July, after all ;)

July is wrapping up, so what a perfect time to post those 4th of July pics ;)
I guess better late than never... phew, barely squeezed them in.

Giving the cousins their Captain America boxes

Ready to mingle

Well, maybe not

A smooch from uncle Andy...

makes it all better! 

JUUUne as Zekie says

This smacker helps, too! 

First EVER cans of soda drinks enjoyed! 

Ooooo bubbles


Ahhhh again! 

Bubbles were a hit! 

The oldest and youngest attendees - pretty special

With aunt Lizzie

In an aunt Lizzie outfit

Outfit change

Fueling up before wiffleball

Youngest batter up! 

Still snack time for AJ

Can't put down the apple to run the bases!

Not sure about sparkler time or bedtime...

Trying it out

Kind of

Waiting for the fireworks


Pretty cool

Over there, Boo Boo


During this special holiday and always,

let freedom ring! 


  1. Your family looks like so much fun!

    Your babes are the cutest, too!



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