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Sunday, September 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Pneumonia Part II

Barely squeezing in a Quick Takes this weekend and posting it as quickly as I can because I need to head up to bed to sleep sleep sleep because....

1.) Once again, I have pneumonia.  Yep, round 2!!!  I guess once you get sick with something, you're more susceptible to it, but whoa, I wasn't expecting it.  I started not feeling well over a week ago but thought it was allergies, and maybe it was; but Thursday night, I had the same night sweats and weezing that I had back in April.  It was like dejavu!  
At least I didn't try to fight it off for a week like I tried to back then and luckily my mom was able to watch the girls so I could go to immediate care Friday evening.  She pushed for me to go rather than wait til Monday and I'm glad she did!  
When I got there, I spoke to the nurse about how I was feeling and what happened last time and that I think I needed an x-ray.  She was nice but kind of like yea, yea, we'll wait for the doctor... I had to wait awhile and when the Dr. was finally able to see me, it was almost 8 and they were about to close.  I told him right away that I felt like I did last time and that I had to plead with my OBGYN to schedule me an x-ray.  
He looked right at me and said, "Okay, do you want to get an x-ray?"  I was like yea!!!  I jumped up and walked out with him.  LUCKILY, I had one done because the x-rays looked a little worse than the ones in April, and this time, the right lung is worse rather than the left.  They even gave me copies of the x-rays on a CD.  Don't know what I'll do with that. :)
Ok, so maybe this stuff was just lying dormant since then?  I don't know but thank goodness I got some meds Friday night.  Hoping to keep feeling better and better even though I know I will have to take it easy for a couple of weeks.  

On the bright side, I guess this time I'm not 30 weeks pregnant nor do I have to go to the hospital, so that's good!  

I saw this new sign at my mom's.  This is only to run away to the hospital to get some undisturbed rest, well, other than nursing a June Buggie ;) JK

I can't even stay up for this - 

One of Bill's favorites and only 3 episodes left!  

Okay losing steam here and will quicken it up - 

2.) Last weekend, when I thought my allergies were flaring up haha, we went to the St. Joan of Arc French Market.  It is such a fun day and my sister Katie and I had an artisan booth there the last couple of years, but this year we just went for a couple of hours.  It was hotter than the dickens, too.  The only pics I got were of AJ trying to steal aunt Katie's ribs.  

Oh, these aren't for me? 

She would not put down the bones! 

Bill dressed her and even with MI playing ND that night, he still put her in an ND t-shirt!  

Sweats like her mom

An Irish flag in the family room at mom and dad's

3.) Okay, so this week,  I signed into Instagram again after many months of not using it.  I'm not sure why I stopped, but something made me want to put super cool effects on some of my pics again.  
Not sure why I ever left:

Cute fuzziness via Instagram! 

While Instagramming-it-up, I saw all the cool things my sister Janet was posting, like pics and videos from New York Fashion Week.  Yea, I know - I'm not cool enough to be related to her!

4.) I actually got a picture of one of the Five Faves I listed last week.  Well actually my sister got it, but here is Addie coloring focusing as hard as she can - 

Serious stuff

5.) This is the Sahm boys' last week at mom and dad's and they are still as excited as ever to see the girls every time we head over.  And they are still obsessed with June.  

Hi guys, thanks for helping me get out of my seat! 

Cutest thing ever!
We will definitely miss seeing them whenever we go to grandma and grandpa's, but then again, I guess they are moving to the neighborhood.  AWESOMENESS!!!

6.) This week, I made this, just because... and just because we have the tomatoes and basil in the yard - 

Caprese Salad mmmmmm

And for some reason, it always makes the day feel special.

7.) On a closing and rather somber note, this week was the final episode of Burn Notice, 

It became a show that Bill and I loved!  And now with Breaking Bad ending soon, we might as well cancel cable.  But I guess we still need Disney Jr., so we'll see... ;)

"Last night of Burn Notice" treat - something to lessen the blow

Hope it's been a good weekend and that you all have a happy and non-pneumonia filled week! 
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  1. Oh my! Get better soon, friend! Prayers coming your way!

    Love the intense coloring going on there...she is a cutie! And the baby being entertained is about as precious as you can get...

    Have a great day, Sarah...hope you are back on your feet soon. In the meantime, snuggle in that bed and rest up. : )

  2. Just get Netflix and basic cable...we pay like $20 a month for both!

    I can't believe you have pneumonia again!! Will June take a bottle so you can get an actual good night's sleep? You poor girl!!!

  3. Love the ND tshirt. Will need to get one of those for my baby girl.


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