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Monday, September 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Labor Day

It's been a great week, minus the 100 degree weather and the fact that it's the end of summer ...

Here's a look- 

1.) I was so exited to record the VMAs last Sunday for one reason and one reason only - 

And then Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus had to ruin my excitement as I watched to see the boys' reunion.  I mean not only was I sick to my stomach, but I was shocked and embarrassed, especially for Miley Cyrus, a 20 year old who girls remember as Hannah Montana.  I was embarrassed for her father who the next day said he supported "his little girl." One article wrote, "While the world felt "personally victimized," the one person we'd expect to be simply horrified is apparently used to this sort of thing.  And then I was embarrassed for her mom who stood up and cheered for her after her "performance."  I mean really?  WOW.  It makes me so sad.  And I'm not just saying this because I have two girls and would hate for them to someday see something like that, although that's a huge reason; but I would have hated for my high school "kids" I used to have in class to have seen that.  Or even worse, who would have not been shocked or thought that it was acceptable to do something like that.  Gosh, I could go on and on but Bill says that's what I get for recording the show in the first place.  Touch√©.  
But still, it makes me sad.   

2.) Addie has been into given kisses lately, so of course she's been kissing her favorite person -

3.) We did a progressive dinner with Katie's bible study group last week - having apps and drinks at one house, dinner at another, and dessert at the last house.  It was so fun to get a night out for good convo and food!  I couldn't resist making Katie stop in front of a Bishop Chatard van with her wine while walking to St. Cat's house for dinner, though.  Nice touch don't you think?

At our Alma mater

4.) I've been starting to get back into crawl into exercising a little bit the past few weeks and Bill and I are actually "training" for a 13 miler, errrr maybe.
I wanted to do the couch to half marathon workout, but instead of having 24 weeks to do it, I'm trying to do it in 12 and I'm beginning to see that it might not be possible.
I mean maybe if I had been running before pregnancy and even maybe if I had been running in the past three years, but after only three weeks of walk/running 3x a week, I think I could be in way over my head.  It is the Monumental Mini, here in Indy on November 2nd.
Maybe I could just end up doing it as a walk/run or trying to run half of it... or even more realistically, maybe we will just do the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving day, which is a 4.6 miler! :)
Okay, there are a lot of maybes in there...
Either way, I should probably decide soon, but it sure is nice to have scheduled quiet time outside! 

Luckily there are great places to walk in Indy - like the Canal Towpath!

And I spotted this the other day.  Kind of weird, even for a Harry Potter fan like me:

5.) Other than being so out of shape, and having a baby 2 and a half months ago, THIS has made it extra hard to be on my feet so much - 

Yep plantar fasciitis - OUCH

I just kind of deal with it and it's been pretty bad for over 6 years.  It flares up all the time but is especially painful right now to the point that I have to stretch before getting out of bed or after sitting down because it hurts to the touch!  OUCH.  But hey, at least I know the things I'm supposed to do for it after having it for so long; and at least I got an insert from the doctor last week.  But just in case that picture didn't show how much pain I'm in, here's another haha -

On to more fun things - 

6.) I saw that Harry Connick Jr. will join the judges panel on American Idol this season.  

***I have never watched an episode of American Idol in my life but I might have to tune in.  Don't know how much Ryan Seacrest I'd be able to handle, though.

7.) And since it's the end of summer, here are the things the girls like to do in the sun - 

Sleep under the pool house fan

Explore the bridge at grandpa's

I couldn't resist all these pics! 

And last but not least, AJ's hair status - :)

Happy Labor Day everyone! 

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  1. The VMAs...ugh...I think I am too old for those!

    Your little sweetie's pigtails are too precious!

    And I hope you get some fall-ish weather soon. : )


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