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Friday, September 6, 2013

Five Quick Takes Friday

Well this is the first time in a long time that I've submitted a Quick Takes on a FRIDAY, so I was able to add it to the title ;)...

1.) Yesterday was Blessed Mother Teresa's feast day.  Although she looked like one of the least intimidating people ever, she really was a warrior in every sense of the word - against abortion, poverty, war... she is definitely one of my heroes and I hope to keep learning more and more about her.  
Here she is with another one of my hero's - 


2.) Going from one awesome pope to another, here is what El Papa has asked us to do tomorrow - 

Video here.

He's used his last two public appearances, twitter, etc. to publicly protest attacking Syria.  How bold.  How brave.  How loving.   Check out his latest tweets - they are awesomely simple.  And honest.

"All men and women of good will are bound by the task of pursuing peace."

3.) Tonight, to start off the weekend, we headed down the street to The Fresh Market to pick up a few things and saw these signs had just gone up all around - 

I mainly needed garlic to make a huge pot of sauce with all of these - 

Tomates from the yard!

And then of course we had to pick up two of these for the morning - only because they were 2 for $5 - and it's something special for one of Bill's few Saturdays off - 

How are these things sooooo ridiculously good??? This is mine - Bill won't touch the green stuff.

4.) While we were out, we FINALLY tried the frozen yogurt place that opened up across from the Fresh Market, after seeing yard signs for it in our neighborhood all summer.  It was fabulous (but really, how could it not be), self serve froyo? Yes please.  I don't know how we haven't gotten here until now - oh wait, yes I do.  We've been a little occupied lately, but the four of us made it over there and it was a hit with AJ! 

Now Addie has maybe had ice cream like .5 times in her life, so she was beside herself having a few bites of mango sherbet with Bill - 

Well, I didn't really get a clear pic of them but moving on...

5.) I have not been able to force myself to go through all our important paperwork and items in our house so I've just been piling everything up on the dining room table - it's pretty pathetic that I just keep cleaning around it or kind of moving stuff from one side of the table to the other.  And it's not like the dining room table is off in a room by itself - nope, it's the main walkway of the house.  And people have been over, other than family... yeah, I just turn off the overhead light, telling myself they wont see the mess! Hmmmm, don't think I can really blame this one on the bug since she's almost 3 months now!  

6.)  Just for fun, here is a glimpse into what I get to see in the middle of the night - 

Back when Junie thought it was funny

lost a sock

working on that thumb still

7.) Hope your weekend is filled with either stretching out on the couch or walking to get frozen yogurt with loved ones ;)

This is how the bug wanted to sleep this afternoon... I guess it's comfortable???


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  1. Loved this one, Sarah! I smiled the whole way through...

    Your babies are so cute, and the middle of the night ones are the best. Easy for me to say, right? ; )

    I love ,love, love your new look around here, too.

    Have a great fall weekend.

    P.S. I can almost smell your sauce simmering on the stove!


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