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Monday, September 30, 2013

Milestone Monday

A milestone happened this weekend.

Not the usual first smile, first tooth, or first step kind of milestone.
Nope, those are wonderfully big and exciting; but this one is more like a breakthrough...
Wait for it...


We were out in a public place and I just couldn't carry her slight 32lb. frame on my hip while carrying the June Bug in her carseat one.more.step.  So I put her down and said, "Boo boo, you need to hold my hand because we are in the parking lot."  AND.SHE.DID.  Then she just stood in the checkout line like a big girl while I made my return.  I about died (and smiled to myself the whole ten minutes we were there).


Now, I'm sure most other moms of 20-month-old independent, cute stinker-pots wouldn't see this as quite as big of a deal as I did; but gosh, she has just refused to do it until now.  So it was a huge deal to me!

BUT... I probably shouldn't push my luck and get too excited because I'm probably jinxing it for our next outing!

Oh well, I'll enjoy it for today anyways.

Any milestones made in your lives lately?

Big Girl Hair Status - a little wavy on rainy days!
Curl shot
Poor Junie has got a way to go.


  1. Yay for you!!!!
    Congratulations to you both.
    And each and every baby has her own milestones/breakthroughs.
    At least that is what I tell myself as my almost 4 year old is yet to go on the potty...
    Enjoy those beautiful babies, my friend. : )

    1. Thanks! I never knew such a little thing could be such a big deal! But like you said all babies have their own milestones! ;)

  2. That IS huge! Life is so much easier when they can just walk beside you during those parking lot treks. Such a huge difference!

    1. Yes! It's like wow, maybe we can go out in public more often on our own :)


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