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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five Faves this week

What I'm loving this week - 

1. That Addie sticks out her tongue when she's coloring. Seriously awesome.  And that she wants to pick out her outfits.  Well, that's two things.  And I don't know how great the second one is, but I have a funny pic, nonetheless:

Tutu with her fast shoes.  Don't mind the scowl.  Oh yea, she looks 3 here! Yikes! 

2. That June bug laughs and smiles at me ALL.THE.TIME.  Nothing better. 

3. That we got to go to the Children's Museum yesterday and check out the new playscape for babies and toddlers.  It is definitely an Indy highlight and Addie loved playing with all the things that were just her size!  And Junie loved sitting in her wrap for that hour ;).  We went with aunt Jessie and Zeke on their guest pass and since we always love to go, I might have a little birdie tell grandparents that we'd love money towards a pass for Christmas ;).

AJ loves the dinosaurs trying to get into the museum!  RROAR she says

4.  That we get to go swimming today because it's 85 out.  LONG LIVE SUMMER for these kiddos!  I on the other hand, am LOVING that COOL weather is around the corner! 

Nice cheeks

5.  And finally, that even though AJ is still a little leery of pawpaw/grandpa, she LOVES to explore with him and talk about him all the time.  It just takes her a little while to warm up:

Off to explore grandpa's bridge, with grandpa imitating Addie's "walk"

Pump those arms! 

Okay, now what?

Dad says he's in heaven when she wants to hang with him!  I say, you can hang with her whenever you want, even ALL day if you want ;)

Linking up with Five Faves again.

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