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Sunday, October 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I didn't 7 Quick Takes it with Jen last week so here's what's been going on in Casa Williams recently:

1.) A few weeks ago started off while celebrating mourning the season finale of Breaking Bad:

I can't believe it's over.  I also can't believe I actually watched it (well, the last two seasons, with Bill).  We might as well cancel cable now with Leverage, Burn Notice, and Breaking Bad finally over.  BUT, I guess there's still Sofia and the Disney Chanel... and I wouldn't dare touch that if I knew what was good for me.  Oh yeah, and Pioneer Woman on the Food Channel, which I record and it makes me happy to have it on the background while sitting down to blog. 

2.) Addie took a tumble on a concrete step while running to hug her Dada.  Forehead, nose, and lip were scraped but yes, she'll live to tell the tale:

Bill about died that I took a pic - he thought it was to make him feel worse about it... Nah, as Addie Jo says. ;)

3.)  The Sahm Family has moved into their new house and it's just beautiful. The boys just can't stop loving on June when we stop over, and Addie has been having fun with her cousin, Zeke, who turns two next month - 

Addie loves Zekie, the mad scientist, except when she doesn't want to share, which might be more than when she does! Yikes! 

Check out this old couple in lawn chairs

4.) I mentioned that I made a return to Instagram... I just haven't figured out how to stream it into the main blog page, so here's what you all would have access to if I could figure it out (yes, a bit redundant with the same pics floating around everywhere, but at least I have multiple copies of them now)! 


June - 

Both - 

Clean babies in their PJs - priceless

5.) Aunt Janet was in town from NYC and we had so much fun hanging with her and getting together with everyone often over the past two weeks.  We didn't take a lot of pics with her but had fun with a few girls' nights, the zoo, cookouts, etc. 

She got a good pic of these 3- 

Junie, PawPaw, and Zeke - it was warm enough for the pool!

She came to the Zoo with us and I got a good pic of her, Addie Jo, Zeke, and the TIGER that's about to eat them - 

She got Junie these super cute books for her Baptism gift - 

The June bug loves them! Notice her dad behind her ;)

6.) The June Buggie had her 4 month appointment on Friday, and she, like her sister, is WAY off the charts, but I guess we aren't surprised.  Her 27.5 inch and almost 18 lb. frame still feels light compared to Addie's, though!

Do I really need 4 shots today, mom?

Holding on for dear life! 

Trying to figure out how to pass the time in the lobby.

So lets jump! jump!

Oh, hi mom.

7.) And finally, AJ's hair status, which had a breakthrough this week.  She leaves her pig tails in, and even though she cries while putting them in, she wants them in nonetheless.  
I guess she's learning early on that beauty = pain haha.

Looks like she has bangs but it's the stuff in front that just still hasn't grown.

That long piece that's hanging out on the right - it's her duck tail that's always been the longest piece of hair.

Big helper! 


  1. Clean babies in jammies...my fave too!!!

    Happy Monday, bloggy friend. : )

    1. Happy Monday to you too! Loving your Halloween house and I can just imagine some coffee while snuggled up in the hearth room!


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