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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mama Sahm - 56 Years Young

We celebrated my Mom's birthday this week and I think she had a great night!

Here's what went down - 

Menu - 
Pulled Pork and Rolls
Brocoli Slaw
Roasted Butternut Squash and Potatoes
Ice Cream Sundaes with Chocolate Chip Cookies (Mom = cookie monster)

Outfits - 
Halloween Specials, see below! 

Gift - 
We all went in and got her this for the new upstairs guest house kitchenette that is up and running!  

Getting ready with her pumpkin TUTU

The deer came by to say happy birthday.  Mom was not excited to see them because they eat all her plants! 

On the other hand, Addie Jo was excited to see them! 

But it was too wet and cold out to chase them! 

Hair Accessory by Bill's cousin, Jill!

While we cooked, Grandpa was in charge of entertaining the Boo Boo, and I stole away to get a few shots of how much fun they were having...


Now it's time to be shy

And the Bug just chilled on the couch
And hung with grandma, of course

And then she joined us at the table.

And laughed at grandma - 

4 of the same pic doesn't hurt ;)

Ice Cream Sundae time - 

AJ colored Mom a Mary pic

Then Junie got some lovin -

And then the BIG girls (daughters) stayed behind for the REAL present mom wanted - help painting!
We decided that for each others' birthdays now, our gift will be to help out the birthday girl/boy for a couple of hours however that person wants to use us - house work, yard work, however!  I'm liking this new tradition already thinking of the help I could use sealing these old floors or steaming the upstairs carpet haha.

Kate and Jess - professional artists painters - no joke! 

Here is what Mom and Dad are trying to get ready - their upstairs to use as a guest house - it's looking awesome and really coming together! 

Almost ready!
They put in this little kitchenette where Mom's new mini Keurig will go!  

I'll have to put more pics up when it's done but don't you all just want to stay here???  
I think Bill and I might be one of their first guests after Fr. Jay leaves! 

Anyways, Mom, 
Thanks for always making your house (and my house growing up) a HOME.  
Thanks for your constant support, love, and prayers.
And for being honest and sincere at all times, sometimes til it hurts ;);
For encouraging us to always be willing to sacrifice, sometimes til it hurts, too! 
And for showing us what living a saintly life on Earth looks like.
You're such a blessing to us and truly the best!  
We are better because of you!
(and all of us who know you)


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother, Sarah!

    Your girls looked adorable... And the picture of your sweet baby smiling at Grandma is the sweetest ever!

    Love your new gift tradition. Might have to steal that one!

    1. You are so sweet! Yes my mom really is the best and I am truly blessed (don't you hope our girls say that about us when they grow up?)

  2. Happy Birthday to the Mama who raised 4 amazing kids. And I'm glad you're getting the guest room ready for our future visits ;)

    1. Colleen, I was thinking the same thing :).

    2. Yes girls, that's exactly what it's for!!! It's definitely the reason Mom and Dad are deciding to stay in the house - to use all that space for people to retreat away to! Now having both the Lobodas and Martins at the same time would be awesome!!! Haha

  3. Happy Birthday, Mamma Sahm! Your mom is the saintliness woman I know. I want to be her when I grow up. I love the guest house, they are always thinking of others! Also, love the idea of giving time as birthday presents. That is genius. I am totally going to ask for presents like that in the future!

  4. Ps. I absolutely love it that you are blogging so much!!!!


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