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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 FAVES - Someecards

Linking up with Hallie because she's super cool and my sister knows her I just found out!  

Here is one of Hallie's Five Favorites today - and my girlfriends and I were just talking about this study recently, too - 


“If you’ve ever been around a baby, you may have noticed a distinctly pleasant odor wafting from it. It’s not baby powder, or scented wipes, or Johnson’s baby shampoo — but it’s also not, as you might have previously thought, a hallucination. A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology confirms that new-baby smell is real.
In a study of 30 women — half of whom had recently given birth, and half of whom had never given birth — all reacted to smells of newborn babies (taken from pajamas) with the same dopamine releases triggered by eating, ingesting cocaine, or similar “reward-inducing” behaviors…”
That sounds about right! Don’t you just love that smell? 

Love that favorite from Hallie - simply one of the best things in the world!  And June's still got it the new baby smell, lucky me!

Onto my not so creative Five Faves today - 

I wish I was a witty enough blogger to put these cute someecards throughout my posts more often; but, since I don't have that gift, I instead laugh at the ones I see and decide to put them into one post without any context to back them.

1. I saw this one on Facebook and probably laughed for ten minutes straight.  I mean seriously giggled, chuckled, then laughed some more.  I think it was back when the June Bug wasn't sleeping through the night... and Bill was... enough said.  Wait.  Even though the monitor is right by his head, I got up 99% of the time.  Ok, I said it, and so did this card -

2. I haven't run power walked (pushing the stroller to the park doesn't count) since a couple of weeks before I got pneumonia.  But this is what I would have told you if you wanted to go for a jog with yours truly - 

The funny thing is, this used to be Bill way back when, when I actually ran,; now the roles have definitely reversed! 

3.  This next one is definitely ME way more than I like to admit... 


The sad thing is, I don't even get to the shower part til the end of the day, if at all ;) - 


Well, I don't usually do this anyways but I DO love this time of year, as the card says and as I keep telling myself you!

Hope some humorous cards that other people have created and used make you laugh, too! 


  1. Love these, Sarah!
    Gave me a good laugh this morning...
    Have a great day, friend! : )

  2. Nothing better than the smell of babies!
    I love #3, so me!! This post had me laughing :).

  3. Haha! I love somee cards! These all made me chuckle because I can relate.
    I came here through Hallie's link up, thanks for sharing these!

    1. Erica, thanks for stopping by. Your blog is just delightful! Hope you and yours are having a nice weekend.

  4. Thanks, Sarah! It was lovely weekend. Enjoy the week.


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