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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Faves - 8 Month-Old Teething Items

Linking up with the witty Hallie mid-week.

I might be an overachiever and post TWO Five Faves this week.  

Linking up with other bloggers and following numbers seem to be the easy route when I'm not always getting a "straight 12 hours" as Jim Gaffigan calls it. 

A teething infant means Bill and I converse every night at 2am or 4am on who's turn it is to help that sweet Buggie.  Oh yea, and at 1am, and then at 5, but who knows when we get up anymore, and what our conversations actually consist of.  At least I know Bill couldn't tell you!

So, since it's Junie's 8 month old bday today, I thought I'd post what she's been chewing on.  

She just broke her 4th tooth on the top row (6 total) a few days ago which means things are nice and rosy during diaper changes and sleep times.

First, my disclaimer - 
*You definitely won't find all of these under infant safety teething options or any parenting book that I am not reading… so in other words, I can't say I'm proud of what her gums be gumming on.

Runny noses come with teething too, just like diaper rash.  Yummy.

1.) The "pen" to the Doodler.  
Or really anything that Addie is using at any moment. 

Yummy metal

2.) Glass Top to the coffee table 

Right.  At least the glass is clean.

3.) Wrought iron coffee table legs.
And you thought I was a bad mom for letting her chew on the other end of the coffee table.  
Now x2.

Hey, it was Christmas morning so she got a free pass.

4.) Vacuum Cord.  I didn't want to post her actually gnawing on the thing, in case anyone decided to turn me in to DSS.  So this is her innocent shot.

What?  Doesn't everyone chase after her mom while she's vacuuming to sneak a bite?

5.)  And finally, just recently, a chew toy.  No, no. Dogs have chew toys.  I meant a teething ring.
Not just any ring.  Not any of the five we've tried to give her instead of eating iron table legs, oh no… 
Only this one that she's borrowing from grandma:

I'm just chewing on this because I'm in the sling and can't reach the vacuum cord. 

Hopefully your infants are in better hands finding good things to teeth on!


  1. Great read! These items are some of my sons favorites. Not the vaccum cord though, my phone charging cord... Here he has broken two ripping it from the computer. Oh and metal spoons LOVES THOSE

    1. Haha, I forgot the phone cord - she's always trying to get to that, too!
      Metal spoons is a great one, too!

  2. I have tried to comment on this post a million times, but my phone doesn't let me pass your "show me you're not a robot code thingy", so finally on the computer and had to scroll to tell you that this had me laughing SO SO hard!!


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