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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five Faves - 50 Cent Clothes Purchases

I warned you that I might be posting TWO Five Faves today; but when you see this, you'll understand my ENTHUSIASM for wanting to share (and my excitement for sales, which is clear to everyone at this point in my life)!!!

It all begins with my favorite kids used clothing store -

And the crazy sales that I get emails about - 

So Addie Jo and I went in to check out the DOLLAR RACK together and oh boy, did we rack up some $1 items that I thought were awesome!  

But then I see this while I'm up there - 

$1 items now
marked items only
10 for $5.00

(Haha this small print was in the email that I completely missed)

So everything I thought I was getting for $1, I was actually getting for .50 cents because of course I had to make sure I was getting groups of 10 to then spend $5!!!

Hence, my five fave .50 items I'm sharing:


A Jean Romper that's probably too big for this summer, but maybe for the next two summers?
Anyways, it was a must for .50 :)


Cute summer dress - a few of these I had to buy! 


Ralph Lauren SKORT.  SKORTS are cute for toddlers, right?


Some funky Baby Gap shorts with the original $22.99 price tag on them.
Yep .50.


Pink Columbia shorts (maybe a next summer size).

I always think, Why doesn't everyone shop at OUAC, and then my dad reminds me that someone has to buy new clothes for me to buy them used.  Touche. 

I guess the secret is out! 

Linking up with Hallie and the gang again! 


  1. I so wish we had one close to us up here! It's a trip out to the suburbs, so not entirely worth it. I love hitting up the Indy stores when I'm there.
    Cute stuff that Addie Jo will love!

    1. Oh gosh, I bet! Yea it all depends on how good the sales are, especially for me to drive out to East Washington street - but they've never had a sale like this! So glad I scored (I probably bought too much, but I couldn't help it)

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