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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Five Faves - Junkfood We Have In the House TOO Often

Last month we really tried to follow the "food budget."

The term food budget has an awful sound to it, doesn't it?  Haha yea, tell me about it...

We were working on following the budget more closely - probably because we've been stuck INSIDE so much lately...
Which reminded us that we live in a small house.  
And if we ever want to get out of our starter house and into a larger one someday, we I better get better at budgeting!

Okay… circling back around to saving money; oops... I mean junk food!

So here are some food items you might still find in our little but oh so charming (we think) house most days:  

Sour Patch Kids are candy, so they don't count as JUNK FOOD, right? 

Linking up with Hallie.

1.) Bill's Doritos.  Spicy Nacho goodness.  
Bill functions better just knowing they are in the house, ready for him to dip into some Bush's baked beans.  
We are high end over here, people. 

2.) Totino's Pizza.  Every grocery store run, I have to pick up two of these to keep in the freezer for Bill's late work nights.  
Bill thinks that $1.25 is a bit high for these puppies but he can't live without them. ;)
So we splurge. 

You probably didn't know that people still bought these after college, huh? 

3.) Queso Dip.  No explanation needed for this one.  Whether it's on sale or $50, it's hard to not have in the pantry.  

4.) Over the stove popcorn.  I don't consider this to be a JUNKfood, but I guess the AMOUNT we consume could cross over into that realm.
At least it's budget friendly, unlike those Totino's pizzas, wink wink.

My absolute FAVE.  Made in the Whirley Pop, of course!

And my last Junkfood vice - 
5.)  Coke.  If I sneak a few Spicy Nacho Doritos, or eat a huge bowl of popcorn, then I NEED a coke to sip on.  And by COKE, I mean any soft drink.
I am a Hoosier after all. 

You get the idea...

Is there junk food you can't live without, even if it means never moving into a bigger house?!  
Do share!


  1. Diet coke. Oh, and hershey's candy cane kisses. I stock up after Christmas and store them in the freezer. :)

    1. Yes to both! Love a huge diet coke as a fountain drink (or for a $1 at McDs!) AND we have the hersey candy cane kisses in our house right now!

  2. I try not to have junk food because if it's here I will EAT it! Chocolate is the hardest for me to resist, especially in the form of Nutella! I can't have that in the house or I'll eat the whole jar with a spoon :) My husband and kids eat a lot of popcorn (which I don't consider to be junk food ;) ) We cook it on the stove but have never heard of a Whirly Pop... it sounds like it would be fun!

    1. Yea, the whirley pop rocks! Best gift I've ever gotten and we use it all the time!
      Nutella is a classic - with pretzel sticks…
      although i'm trying not to have so much junk food around, too!

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