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Monday, February 17, 2014

I Love Love Love Love

"I love love love love - milkshakes!" 

This little jingle's been stuck in my head since our Addie Jo has gotten into the show, Sheriff Callie.

One of Callie's sidekicks, Cactus Toby, does a song and dance about how much he loves milkshakes.  
(then shakes his backside).  

Me encantan las maltiadas

 AJ cracks up every time she sees it, so I crack up because she's laughing and usually shaking it too.
And because we sing this silly jingle around the house, it reminds me how much I really LOVE my life.  
Sometimes I need to stop and just breathe in all the blessings I have because I am truly blessed with so much.

So here are some simple things that I love love love love lately…

Junie's squishy cheekies.  
A few days ago, my Mom said, "I think I kiss June's cheeks 1,000x every time I'm with her."  
And I was like yea, I do too.  
And that sweet June Bug doesn't mind… at least not yet.  
So I'm going to keep smooching those cheeks 1,000x a day before she gets too cool for her goofy old mom! 


Our charming CASA.  
We've been tentatively looking for a new house lately (well, keeping our eyes open and popping into open houses); but when we think about our house, or come home from an open house, we just aren't ready to trade it in.
We keep getting reminded of how much we LOVE our warm, small abode that we are blessed to call home (for now)! 

Pano shot from where I'm sitting in the corner of couch with AJ, who's watching her show.

That my sister Janet is in town for two weeks before she makes her big move to Pittsburg.  
It's such an exciting time in her life and she's embarking on a whole new adventure.
Yea, Jan!

That our dear friend, Fr. Jay Mello has started blogging
This last one he posted on the pope and the mass is just beautiful.  

And lastly today, that Addie Jo is really becoming a good big sister to June - sharing with her and including her more and more.

I'm hoping that she passes on her sense of style as well. ;)

Lots of love love love love to you all, too,



  1. What is this Toby show of which you speak?
    Do I want to know? ; )
    Love your little loves, my friend!

    1. Haha, the new show is called Sheriff Callie on Disney Jr., hence why AJ is into cowgirl things lately ;).
      Flynn might really like it! It has kind of replaced Sofia and Mickey and those others for the time being...

  2. Fr. Jay is blogging??? What the what? Has hell frozen over?

    Good for Addie - Life gets so much easier when the kids play together :)


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