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Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday de Nada Mucha (nothing much)

I can't believe I've been recording this season of the Bachelor and then actually making time at night to watch it!  Lets be honest, the question is, WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME?  I'm not in the midst of recording any shows and this is the one I choose to record!!!??? HUH?
Embarrassing on my part, I have to say; and pitiful on Juan Pablo's part, which I guess is what most of America is saying.  I'm not even a Bachelor devotee other than watching Desiree as the Bachelorette last season and Sean and Catherine's Wedding Special recently, so it's not like I'm tied to the show or anything.  So again, why am I hanging on, hoping it's been worth my 7 nights of watching this thing?  I think it's because since the beginning, I kept defending Juan Pablo coming off as kind of unattached and acting like he wasn't really serious about finding a wife (he's moved onto a bit sleazy now, too) with the whole "lost in translation," "Latino culture" card.   While I still think that's part of his deal, I don't know if I can stomach the last two weeks.  But as Juan Pablo says, "Eeees ok."

Easy on the eyes but not much else going on...

Ever since Addie got the flu a couple of weeks ago, we've all been sick and are still fighting colds.  
I guess we made it pretty far through the winter without getting sick, but I know I can't be the only one who's wishing away the winter sickies for a warm spring around the corner.
I'll just have to think WARM thoughts with the HUGE storm coming this weekend...

A new rug for the girls' room came today.  
Their humidifier cracked and leaked all over the old one and I definitely didn't want to have to buy another one, but the mildew smell was just too awful (actually, that's what Bill said - I've been too stuffed up to smell it).  But when I went to order it again on Overstock, it was sold out. :(  So I had to go with this one instead.  It was on sale for President's Day but still $50 over the old one.  Bummer.  And then I didn't realize the pile height wouldn't fit under the bathroom door- Bummer again.

Yikes, guess we're stuck with it! 

My birthday isn't until next month, but I found these on sale and free shipping, so Bill and the girls are not surprising me with them - 

Boat shoes.  You can take the girl out of New England but you can't take the New England out of the girl...

We went to Target as a family yesterday and Addie picked this up and walked with it under her arm through the whole store.  
Guess which softy let her buy it? 

(I'm the mean one who thought at least it's using her birthday money)

And they've been inseparable since - 

Minimus and Pinky get to sleep with AJ
Her other favorite horse, Maximus.

Pic from this morning to share - 

Oh hi dad, I didn't know you were there but I was just climbing up the stairs.

And finally, I got to go for a quick walk tonight (after not getting out for a couple of weeks) because it wasn't in the teens at 8pm for once.

So see, I warned y'all -  a whole lot of nothing to share!

Go checkout those who actually have a life at Jen's place and happy weekend! 


  1. Love this one, my friend!
    That sweet baby crawling up the stairs! Soooo cute!!!
    Hope you are all on the mend and you can spray that house down with Lysol soon!
    And The Bachelor!
    Yes, I watch. All of them. And this is the first one I can't even take. At all.
    Probably wont watch Monday...Bates Motel is starting!

    1. Oooo what's Bates Motel?
      Ok, so I'm not crazy about not getting into this season of the Bachelor? I really wanted him to be a good one!


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