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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Five Favorites

Here are some five faves that I'm loving this week and every week!  

1.) Cute things with babies' names on them!  
My friend Maryjane had her friend make this for the June bug and it's the cutest blanket around.  
Here is where she got it from on etsy (and this link is of June's blanket!)

2.) Wine labels with babies' names on them.  Haha!  This might not be "cute" like the blanket above, but what a cool find.  I had no idea.  

Found them at Target but did not purchase.  Probably should have but I'm cheap.

3.) Babies at pool club.
Pool club is what I call hanging out at mom and dad's pool on Thursdays with a couple girlfriends and their kids.  
Here are some babies in the pack in play.  Luke, Nora, and June in that order:

4.) Pesto.  I love not only eating it but also making it with our Basil out back.  Basil, spinach, garlic, parmesan, and nuts - I will have to post my recipe on Tasteful Tuesdays next week...
This one in particular was with walnuts and not pine nuts, but was still great!  

This little food processor works great, too.  

5.) June starting to suck her thumb!  She seems to like the pacie these days, but I'll take her with a thumb any day!  

Oh cute bug with no hair on top...

I think purple might be her color ;)

Linking us with Hallie and her Five Favorites this week. 


  1. Ah! Pool Club sounds so fun!!!! Jealous!

  2. I love all these favorites! June bug is so cute! You make the best pesto, please post :).

  3. Yea June is such a cutie and enormous! Mom thinks she might end up being taller than AJ!

  4. Ohhhh the pic of all those sweet babies! Love!!!

    And the blanket is adorable!

    Have a blessed weekend, friend!


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