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Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I'll try to make this one quick, like I always do, right?  After all, it is 7 Quick Takes.
This covers the past couple of weeks because I just haven't gotten around to posting much lately, except for June's Big Day.  My excuse this time is that the June Bug likes to stay up for awhile in the middle of the night - meaning this moma is a bit sleep deprived and doesn't get to this weekly post as often as she'd like (don't you just love when people talk about themselves in the 3rd person?)
Ok then, so linking up with conversiondiary.com today.

Our summer has been pretty low key by most people's standards, but with one so little and one a little bit bigger, it seems like even the smallest activities have kept us busy (you know what I mean).  June turned 2 months and Addie Jo 19 months this week.  So that, in itself, means life is busy :)

Here's what we've been doing lately:

1.) Addie has been playing dress up and actually keeping her accessories on for longer than 2 seconds.  It's pretty cute.  

Cool, dudes

This is the one headband she will keep on! 

$1 Target bin purchase! 

2.) We've gone to the zoo a couple of times in the past few weeks - thank goodness we got a zoo pass last Christmas!  Such a great gift and we don't feel guilty if we only stay two hours at a time!  It seems like each time we go, Addie likes it more and more.  It's so fun to experience things through her eyes.  I'm sure that part will only get better as she gets older!

Bill came with us a couple of weeks ago - and I can never tell who likes it more - Bill or Addie Jo:
The Sea Lions!

In the aquarium

June liked the flamingos

Then we went with friends this week:
Shark tank - it's appropriate for Discovery's Shark Week! 

AJ is a polar bear fan! 

Up close and personal

The big "braver" friends of AJ


Leading the way

Watch out! Pumping those elbows.

Checking out animals with Leah and Erin

Thinking she's pretty cool with the older kids

3.) Hanging out with cousins.  The Sahm family is still living at Mom and Dad's because they are still working on their new house; and even though they are probably ready to move into their new place, we love that they are there when we head to grandma and grandpa's!  Those Sahm boys really love these girls, I tell you!

Teagan can't get enough of June.
And she loves it too! 

Getting big, June!  Teagie just loves her to pieces!  

4.) Nature fun at grandma and grandpa's.  Last weekend Addie found a butterfly by the bridge at the creek (too bad it wasn't one of the multiple snakes that live there) - and to her, kind of a big deal:



5.) We started putting June down for her first stretch of nighttime sleep in the girls' room.  It's working out OK... I'd take a pic but since it takes awhile to get both of them down, it's dark by the time they are asleep, and therefore, no pic is available for proof... you'll just have to trust me ;)

6.) June has been trying to suck her thumb - which I'm a HUGE fan of because of the convenience of not having to remember to bring her pacie everywhere we go.  BUT we still need some work on it.  Luckily, she's the cutest thing in the world, so I'll keep helping her with the thumb or plugging her with the pacie whenever she needs it.

These cheeks have not been photoshopped in - they are really that squishy and scrumptious, and yes she's smashed under her boppy.  Please don't report us/my mom

7.) Throw in a couple of girls' nights and there you have it - a semi-sane tired mom who's "busy" these days ;)

Hanging with the chicas! 

Cheers to you and to Friday!

Junie says bye! 

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  1. Your posts always make me smile, Sarah! Enjoy the weekend!


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