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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Indiana State Fair

While in today's rat-race society the rural lifestyle may seem simple and old-fashioned, the fruits of farming still account for a big piece of each state's economic pie, and the country's string of exuberant state fairs acknowledges, promotes and celebrates that (WorldWeb.com).


This weekend was the closeout of the Indiana State Fair - an absolute highlight of our summers growing up, of summers now, and probably many more summers to come...  
Summer State Fairs are synonymous with American culture.  Fairs are as much a part of our lives as Americans as baseball, flags, and the 4th of July are.  They are a reminder of the "yesteryears," and the prominence of farm life in our country in the not too distant past.  

Growing up, I remember being a little sad when August approached because it meant the start of the school year and the end of summer.
But one thing that we always had to look forward to was the State Fair.

Now, and probably even back then, I think I liked it so much because I experienced it through my Dad's eyes.  I saw how excited he got about the tractors and livestock, reminiscing about visiting his grandparents on their farm and all the things he got to help his grandpa with.  
I truly think I like(d) it so much because I know he likes it so much!    

And gosh, if there ever was a place to EAT (and people watch) - this is it! 


There's more than corn in Indiana goes the jingle, but that's not entirely true outside of Indianapolis.  The city seems to be surrounded by fields and farms of corn!  Hoosiers that live outside this big metropolis would probably disagree with me but to us city-goers, it sure seems that way.
And to prove me wrong, this year's Fair theme was POPCORN.  Yep, that's popCORN...

Inside the fairgrounds! 

Starting off with the small animals

Donkeys with Zeke

Hanging with Ari in horse barn

This was Addie last year at 7 months:

And this is her this at 1.5 years:

Ummm yea, that didn't work out as well as the previous year!

But here is a cute little bug I found bouncing with aunt Jessie -

We had so much fun that we went again the next week, with grandma and grandpa (the one who LOVES the fair), and of course on ANOTHER $2 Tuesday! 

Tee hee

Of course we walked through the antique tractor field -

"Addie, your great great grandpa Clint used to drive this"

And this is what June was doing in the meantime - 

Addie loved the ox or is it oxen?  Is there a difference?  Not sure. But we had to swing around 3 times to see these guys - 

AND lets try this picture thing AGAIN - 


Oh gosh

Here we go!


Junie's turn - 

"Just like me, buggy."

Got some winners - 


And look who's back - 

OK... moving on - 

Follow me, guys

Meeting the State Fair Princess - 

Even though AJ is leaning as far away as possible, she LOVED meeting her! 

Antique Tractor Parade time - 

Waving at everyone - 

My favorite - the Percherons - 


And that's a wrap!

Can't forget some Reese's peanut butter cup POPCORN for the road -

Cheers to State Fairs and what's left of August summers everywhere! 


  1. Oh how we love fairs here in PA too, Sarah! But yours looks so much fun. Looks as if your two beautiful ladies had a blast. : )

    Enjoy what's left of summer, friend!

  2. Ahhh, it's like salt in the wound!!

    But I'm glad you all had fun :)


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