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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Faves - GIFTS!

1. So I got this super special gift this week.
I guess it's called a "push present" but that just doesn't sound pleasant, and actually rather disturbing, so I'm calling it my JUNE BUG gift from Bill.  It's an initial necklace!
It has Addie and June's initials plus a tiny September sapphire birthstone for Baby Williams who I miscarried before getting pregnant with Addie Jo.  

I got it here on Amazon but she has an etsy store with different things too!

Did I mention I got to pick it out? ;) 
I don't have many things in yellow gold and usually where silver things so I thought it was a good idea to branch out.

That leads me to the other gifts we've received recently.  
Although we have loved everything we were given, from cute outfits to little slippers to "little sister" merchandise, here are some that have June "written all over it" - you'll see what I mean -

2.) My fabulous friend, Colleen, sent me a June birthstone bracelet that is just the sweetest.  
It's super thoughtful, especially because she has numerous things on her mind these days - like 5 kids - and a 6th on the way! 

Amazon rocks!

Modeling - I didn't know that the month of June had both pearl and LIGHT AMETHYST as a birthstone - so cool! 

Super Cute - I LOVE IT!

3.) A June fabric bin from a dear high school friend, Courtney - 

This cute basket is from Thirty-One

4.) A Baptism frame from June's grandma Peg:

June Bug is on the name plate - June's footprints from the hospital

5.) This is where I list more than 5 Faves because I can't choose - not a bad problem to have I must say! 

I've already mentioned how cool this blanket is - 

Not sure why it's upside down, but it's getting late for me and I have got to jump in bed

Ope, I found it right side up - 

Another cute frame from a Bible study friend -  

That Junebug wine I saw at Target, from another bible study friend - 

I might never open it!  Or maybe I will and then use the empty bottle as a vase!  

And a...

A June Bug Onesie from grandma

And that's a Five Favorites with JUNE written all over it!

Linking up with Hallie once again. 


  1. Love them all, Sarah...but that blanket? Beautiful! And your sweet baby is adorable! Enjoy your weekend, friend. : )

    1. I know the blanket is really the cutest thing ever. Everyone always says how much they like it when they see it!
      Hope you have a fab Labor Day!

  2. Nice necklace! Now you need to add a January bracelet for Addie and then on and on until you have an armful like me :)

    1. Yes I totally need a January one!! Maybe it will come in my stocking! I love the stacked bracelet look but don't think ill ever have as many as you do ;) AND I should totally get you the aquamarine one for March!
      I'm sorry I haven't sent you a thank you card yet... Lame-o

  3. These are all great!! Love the necklace and bracelet. I have been wanting to get an initial necklace. I'm checking out that site.

    1. Yea check it out. There are silver ones too and an extra stone is 3 dollars and extra letter 8. I also ordered a 20 inch chain. Super cute but they are tiny, which is what I wanted ;)


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