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Monday, August 12, 2013

June's Most Special Day

We celebrated the Sacrament of June's Baptism last weekend and it was such a beautiful day:

Dad and Zekie looking handsome in their ties

Cute Stuff

Super Cute Stuff

Ooing and awing over the girl of the hour! 

Good hair/head shot

Drinking her up! 

June took it VERY seriously... like another little girl we know! ;)
Getting passed around

Andy and Jessie with goddaughter, June


Protective cousin Teagie


These two were busy in the pew

New Mary coloring book - great idea grandma! 

Here, Zeke, let me show you how that's done (and maybe take some of your snack while I'm at it)

Great grandma Reva with the boys

June's big moment

Getting her head wiped with a very special towel - to be shown in a post coming soon!

Beautiful Baptized One

June, even though this was the most important day in your life thus far, we want you to know that it was soooo special for us too.  A day we will always remember.  August 4, 2013.  
You now have the mark of Baptism and with it you share in Jesus' "8th day," new life with Christ, and the promise of the Kingdom to come.

We love you today and always. 


  1. Oh Sarah...what a beautiful post in honor of a most beautiful day! So happy for you all. Baptism Day was always so special to me with every child. It was like the culmination of the entire process...pregnancy, birth, new baby love, and then finally the Baptism.

    And then as that process ends...the beauty of real life with your new family begins!

    And chrism oil is my favorite scent in the world!

    Enjoy this most special time, friend!

    1. Yes, the chrism oil really is the best smell. I def. didn't give June bug a bath for a few days afterwards!

  2. Welcome to the most awesome Church in the world, June! And all those little kids in the pew looks exactly like our family Baptisms - so fun!

    1. Well plus a few more in the pew, you mean ;) Can't wait for #6. I mean I really can't wait!


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