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Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 FAVES - June's Baptism

June Mercedes was baptized last weekend and it was such a wonderful day.  
After a beautiful ceremony with Fr. Guy Roberts after 10:30 mass, we enjoyed a luncheon back at the house (yummy sandwich food provided by mom) and sat outside in the beautiful 78 degree weather.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of the house after working so hard on cleaning and decorating it, but I just dropped the ball and didn't think about it until after the fact.  

The important part happened - June was baptized; and that was definitely my FAVORITE part of the day, but here are some other faves:

1.) June's Baptismal Gown - 
(after getting clarification from Mom)
This was my mom's 1st communion gown from her Grandma and Grandpa Toth (made in France), and then Katie and I also wore it for ours... Mom wanted to do something special with it and had it made into a Baptismal gown for all their grandchildren and great grandchildren.
The 4 of us all wore my Grandpa Bill's gown, but it was literally falling apart, so mom said she wanted something special that would last and last!

All five grandkids have worn it for his/her baptism, although we were laughing that any future Williams children might have to get baptized the day they leave the hospital, just to make sure it fits before they get too ginormous!

Zeke helping grandma put the gown on June

2.) June's Baptismal Towel -
For June's Baptism gift, aunt Katie brought back a towel from World Youth Day, blessed by Pope Francis!  It's just so sweet and special.

Nice face, Junie ;).  June with the gown and special towel

The towel in use

3.) June's Godparents -
We are so blessed to have multiple people in our lives who we could choose to be our girls' godparents and we are so excited that my brother, Andy, and sister-in-law, Jessie, are the June bug's!  We are so honored and June will someday know that she is too! 

With the boys! 

4.) Fr. Guy's celebration of the Sacrament -
Fr. Guy beautifully celebrated the baptism by giving us the history and facts about what all the Sacrament entails and going into detail about the importance of what was happening.  We are so blessed to have such a knowledgeable and holy priest!

June got baptized in the same baptismal font that my dad got baptized in back in 1955.  

5.) June's Baptism Cake!
Yes, food should be included in the day's favorites!  I ran and snapped this before it melted everywhere.  Apparently I didn't get the memo about only leaving a DQ ice cream cake out for 15 minutes rather than an hour before cutting into it.  LUCKILY, we saved it by eating it right away... yummmm! 

Since I forgot to take pics of the rest of the spread, this lonesome cake will have to do! 

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  1. Love this, Sarah...and it is indeed wonderful when a priest shares all his knowledge...

    Such a beautiful day for you all!

    Have a nice weekend, friend!

  2. Awwwe, great post- like always. Love the pictures and the story about the gown. June bug is so cute. And Jessie and Andy will be such great God parents :). Wish I could have been there! We love you all.


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