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Sunday, November 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Pterodactyls and P!NK

Hello, blog world, long time, no see. 

I'll be 7 Quick Taken' it with Jen and the others after a week's hiatus; well, it feels like a week after The Farm

1.) Rather than type away when the girls go down at night, I've been busy working on THIS for the last few months YEAR - 

Junie's stocking

It's my second attempt at Needlepoint - Addie's being my first one last year.  
I don't know if it will be done in time for Christmas because I still have to pass it along to Grandma Reva to sew, and I haven't even done the outlining or small details yet!  Yikes!  
But something tells me that I don't think Santa OR Junie will care if it's not done, though. :)
My mom's mom, Grandma Jan, made our stockings, so it was always something I wanted to attempt to do for the girls - and it's definitely a LABOR OF LOVE because it takes a long time to do! 

2.) We love it when we get a surprise visit from Grandpa after work:

Addie is saying, "Go, Go." Which means chase me and grandma!
June practicing her balance flying

3.) This week, I was given a number on Facebook from my second cousin.  
I think it means that I'm supposed to share that specific number of things that  people may not know about me or something.  
Since I didn't really want to figure it out or think about creative things to share yet, I have kind of stayed away from the Facebook world.  
But once I take the time to figure out what I'm missing (haha), I'll participate.  
So stay tuned.  


4.) The June Bug got her 2nd tooth this past week.  
Two teeth in two weeks.  I Like It.  I Like It A LOT.
Lets get these puppies in and out of the way!

So other than being a baby doll AND screeching like a pterodactyl 24/7 (see #5), she DROOLS like you've never seen a baby drool before; or maybe you have if you've got a drooly monster too! 

Drool for Days!

5.) So about that screeching like a Pterodactyl thing.  (I just had to look up how to spell "Teradactyl" and saw that it starts with a P rather than T)  
I guess I never learned my dinosaurs OR am one of the worst spellers ever.  
Umm, yes to BOTH.

Okay, so Junie (also known as Bug, Bug by her dad), SCREECHES like a Pterodactyl for the majority of the time she is awake.  
She's done these screeches randomly for awhile, as in here and there, but just this past week, she's turned up the volume and LITERALLY makes this screeching sound ALL.THE.TIME.
It's when she's about to get mad, about to laugh, about to eat, about to play - I mean, it's constant.  
And it's probably because she's TEETHING.  See #4 :)
The best part about it is that Addie tries to imitate her and she shakes her head back and forth and goes, "AHHH aaahhhh AHHHH aahh AAAAHHHH, and on and on."  Hysterical!
(It's even funny when Addie is mimicking her while in Time Out, although I try with all my might not to laugh).

So here is me trying to capture the June Bug in her Pterodactyl Form (and hopefully you can imagine it in real life, as well):



Hi Mom








Love that Buggie, we do!!!


What I'm about to write even surprises me - 

I went to the PINK concert on Thursday.  

Surprised?  I'm still shocked.  Heehee.
It was a last minute thing that my friend, who's firm has a box at Banker's Life Fieldhouse (where the Pacers play), NEEDED me to go in place of my sister. ;)  

I thought yea, it would be fun to get out - and a free ticket with free food and drinks on top of that sounded great! Plus it was the one night Bill was home from an early shift so it worked out that I could go.  
So I went thinking it would be fun, but IT WAS AWESOME!!! 
Now I kind of secretly, well not so secretly, want to be her!  
I mean, WHAT A SHOW!  It was that great of a concert and she is an awesome non lip synching POP performer!  AMAZING!
Okay, I think you get the point...

She did this most of the time:  

She is hanging from the outside of this contraption!

P!NK has been around FOR A LONG TIME and I forgot a lot of the songs she sang!  
My friend Jacqueline, even wrote down the songs as she performed (well, kind of).  
So this is for all you P!NK fans:

Raise your glass

1234 walk this way
Just like a pill
U+ur hand
Ah ah ah lonely tonight
Some slow song
Just give me one reason
Some medium song
We are the people that...
Great escape (on piano)
Who knew
F-ing perfect
Most girls
There you go
You make me sick
Blow me one last kiss

So What

7.) Okay, and finally, an AJ foot status (to mix if up from the usual hair status):
Her boats are just so cute!  (Although I'm sure she'll hate that I'm posting this if she ever reads this later someday.)

Size 10 coming at you! 
Even the Buggie is checking them out!

I love these girls!  Hope it was a great week for you all, as well!


  1. Good thing I am not a jealous person, because I LOVE Pink! And I am not jealous. At all. ; )

    And Flynn was the drool queen...

    Love your babes! They are adorable!

    1. Okay, you have to get to one of her concerts someday! BECAUSE P!NK is AWESOME! :)


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