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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"THE G I L S!" Our Girls At 22 and 5 Months

So the girls, or GILS, as my aunt Kathy says, turned a month older today yesterday!

Addie Jo is two months out from the BIG 2, but she'd probably pass for a 3.5 year old, other than the fact she doesn't talk like a 3.5 year old; but that's definitely a good thing because once she starts talking, we probably won't be able to get her to stop… just a guess…
AND it's a good thing she's turning 2 in January, and not 5 or 18, because the only number she can say right now is 2.
When she wants to count, she only says 2 (not even a Spanglish DOS).  
Oh well… here are some of the other things she says, interpretations included:

key key for her pink lovey doll
yum yum for comida food
Bay Bee
Paw Paw
HI - a FORCEFUL HI - which means grandma

Plea for please
Que for thank you
choo choo

And her Animal Sounds:
Wee wee wee for cats
Wee wee wee for birdies
woof woof woof
eee eee for her mono/monkey
ROAR for lions, Detroit or otherwise
kak kak kak for ducks
sssss for snakes (not to be confused with zzzzz for Zeke) 
hoo hoo for owls

AND finally, the word that sounds the most like an actual word - OOKY for spooky (she's really into Halloween 2 weeks after it's passed)

And here's what she's been up to the last month or so - 

Playing nicely with the Bay Bee… well, sometimes.

Check out those size 10 boats!
She likes to not look at the camera when you ask her to.
She takes helping out seriously.
And still scowls like her dad.

And tries to bark orders like her mom.

She's got a fun and contagious laugh and is super ticklish.

She still loves Mary.

And playing outside

Oh yea, and her Pinky lovey doll that WE CAN NEVER LOSE. E.V.E.R.

Happy 22 months, sweet Adelaide! 

Now the BUG -
June broke her first tooth on her actual 5 month birthday yesterday!
The poor thing wants to eat her hands off she's that uncomfortable; but I can't imagine her being worse than Addie, who was an AWFUL teether.  So we'll see.
She's now crossing into "the best baby age," as my mom calls it, which is 5-7 months - where they just sit and play and laugh and don't crawl yet.
Yep, sounds pretty fabulous to me!
Although she is already scooting on her belly so we'll see how long that "just stay put and giggle stage" lasts.
 But to have a 6 month old at Christmas time sounds like the best!

Here's what she's been up to lately:

Watching Addie and thinking she's paying attention to her.

Necklace time

She's into sitting up with her hands out on the floor in front of her; but a few weeks ago, it would usually have gone something like this:

Looking good, Buggie!

Hee Hee Hee

Now it's more like this:

Holding onto the basket

While AJ is trying to push her over

But at least Addie's paying attention to me, June's thinking. ;)

She's been eating cereal for about two weeks now and it's going well all over her:

Slouching gangsta style:

"I have a lovey doll too and her name is Ellie the Elephant.
AJ lost my other lovey, the Mona." :(

I like to eat her face!

And play in the exersaucer!

My mom and grandma like to dress me in girlie things!

And I drool all the time and it soaks through my clothes.


I like to show off for pictures...

Or anytime I think AJ might be watching!

 I exaggerate every smile by scrunching up my eyes.

Hi there!
Junie doesn't mind hats or headbands right now and is patient while riding in the car like this!

And finally, when she's sleepy, Junie loves her some paci time, but only when she's wants to go to sleep.  I don't know if that makes her a paci girl!?

Sleepy Buggie

We love you girls and hope you enjoy looking back at these pictures some day.  
We are trying to cherish every moment with you before you grow to be even more beautiful, fun, and amazing!  
Life doesn't get much better than this.  


  1. Sarah...I want to live at your house!

    Those babes are sooooo adorable!

    I love this post too, for your little girls but also for you.

    How awesome to have these happy baby days right at your fingertips to pull up and revisit anytime. : )

    And that baby and her smiles? Sooo stinkin' cute!!!

    Enjoy, my friend!

    1. You are soooo sweet!
      Yes, I'm hoping they will love to go back and see all this - it's the main reason I'm on here ;)
      And you probably know all too well that time with them just flies!
      Happy Hump day!

  2. Oh the drool, I forgot about the drool! X was such a drooly baby, that he was the only one we put a bib on every single day so I didn't have to keep changing his shirt. Teething is the worst! Your girls are so cute and makes me want to give Maggie a sister even more...the ultrasound is today but I won't peak!

    1. If you have another boy, it will be your ticket straight to heaven!!!
      And you'll probably have to try for another!
      Oh droopy Xander! I'm sure he still looked cute with his soaked through bibs ;)
      And love that U/S pic!


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