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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Shop with a CRAMPED Grocery Cart

Grocery runs have become one of my least favorite things to do. 

I wish I found it more enjoyable and relaxing, but all it seems to bring on is anxiety because I am trying to 1. hurry, 2. remember everything on my list, 3. remember the things I didn't put on my list, and 4. stop constantly thinking that June might be screaming for either Bill or Mom for the 1.34 hours I'm away.  

So I first wanted to share this text I received from Bill while at the grocery store on Friday:

You just missed quite a
show.  booboo hugs
buggie.  buggie starts
crying.  booboo gets
scared and gets in the 
chair.  i scoop up buggie...
booboo falls over 
arm of chair and
lands on bug exersaucer.
both girls screaming lol.

Translation - 

Addie hugged June.
June started crying because she was hugged.
Addie got scared and crawled into the chair.
I picked up June, 
and then Addie falls over the arm of the chair and lands on June's exersaucer.
Both girls are now screaming.

This kind of message is typical when I go to the grocery store by myself.

I know I shouldn't complain because there are obviously MANY more awful things going on in the world, but I just wanted to share a recent trip to the store where I brought BOTH girls with me, making it a much more fun stressful outing than going at it alone.  
At least it meant not getting a text like the one above if they were with me haha!

So here's to being creative with grocery cart space and babies!
(And to not forgetting your wallet out in the car and having to run out to fetch it and then wait in line again next time):

Oh NO! June looks a little nervous about having to sit IN the cart

Where'd Junie go? Oh, under the bread.  
Opening multiple food items to consume is a good trick for the bigger one.

Oh hi, mom.  I can't believe you brought us with you AND that I have to put my elbow on the lettuce. 

Now for the tricky part.  How to unload the groceries from the car (in a detached garage) - 

Then this is how to bring it all inside with both the girls - just load it up in the double stroller and wheel it to the deck, then unload there.

Don't forget the baby in the back! 

So, there you have it!

Yes, we made it, allbeit a little creatively... but what's a little sweat (literally) and tears (literally, too) along the way?!

Maybe I'll go back to shopping by my lonesome and risk getting texts from Bill or calls from Mom!  

Haha, hope your grocery runs are just as eventful! 


  1. Oh man do I get this! Except up until recently it was both girls and a preggo with only on street parking sometimes no where near the house. NO fun. Grocery carts... so need to make them bigger.

    1. Oh man! Seriously, don't know how you do it!
      Every place needs costco sized grocery carts!
      hope you are feeling well!

  2. Ahhhh yes...

    I used to take one with me at a time...and the others had special time with Daddy...

    Maybe take the sweet baby and let Addie home with daddy for a date?

    Or.....wait...I remember when Flynn was little Steve would drop me off at the store and take the rest of the kids for a ride while I shopped. Then, he was there to help me lad and unload.

    Just a thought! : )

  3. I spent the first 6 years of motherhood in a constant state of sweat. That's what I remember most about having all those littles and running errands :)

    Now they all walk and just Xander sits in the cart and we buy a bag of goldfish and he munches away the whole time. So much easier. Or Phil or I run out at night when they are all sleeping, also much easier. But sometimes it's nice to get the chores done during the day, so it's off with the kids you go!

    Oh, and I got your text this morning...and laughed out loud! I would have said the same thing when I only had two kids...you get the grace when you get the kids!


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