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Saturday, November 9, 2013

7 QUICK Takes

We had a nice start to November and the girls are just getting bigger and bigger = cuter and cuter! 

1.) And when their heads get bigger, so should the bows! ;)

2.) Last weekend we got to have brunch with some friends that were in town from Chicago.  It's always fun to get the families together and the girls just loved playing with the other kiddos!

Contrary to June's gesture, she loves Baby Luke!

That's better! 
AJ thought she was SOOO COOL hanging out with 4 year old Audrey, who is always so sweet to Addie Jo!

3.) It's gotten pretty cold here, but not cold enough to head to the park!

Cold is a relative term, right?

 4.) Speaking of cold - It's been pretty chilly at night (although we have yet to turn on the heat in our room upstairs), so we made our first fire of the season (and Bourbon Hot Ciders, too!)


 5.) I've been scoring at the Target Dollar Bins lately - I mean check out these!!!

Aurora Christmas socks... TOTALLY worth the dollar ;)

 6.) I recorded the Country Music Awards but have yet to watch it.  I have, however, heard all the hoopla about Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley's song on Obamacare (and they also make fun of Miley Cyrus and her scandalousness behavior).  And this is why I love country music (just not as much as Bill)!

 7.) And lastly, I branched out from my 1/2&1/2, Hazelnut, Sweat Cream, Pumpkin coffee Creamers to try this one:

Vanilla Heat Creamer - Even a lady at Walmart was so intrigued that she wanted to know if she should try it - VERDICT - one day I like it and the next, not so much!  

And those are some Quick Takes this week (linking up with quick Jen and her takes at conversion diary.com)!

Happy November BOWvember!


  1. You knew I would LOVE that bow, right?!!


    Have a nice rest of the weekend, bloggy friend. : )

    1. Yes, that bow is totally you, well, Flynn!
      Hope your weekend is fabulous, too!

  2. Oh my heavens! The BOW!!! It's adorable!


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