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Monday, November 18, 2013


The Rhoades' Family Farm is like a paradise for us "big-city-folks" (not as in NYC big city, but as in BIG Indianapolis peeps, you know?)

The Farm is Bill's good ol' friend, Nick's, parents' place, in Eastern Ohio.  
Nick was Bill's best man at our wedding and he has the cutest little family that we wish we could see more of!  
Nick and Sarah (he and Bill married some well named chicas, if I do say so myself), have Noah, who's 3.5 and then 21 months later, had Charlotte, and then 17 months later, had Violet, who was just born Sept. 1!  And they are the sweetest little things! 

So after 8:30 mass, we drove the two hours to get there just in time for Mama Rhoades' FEAST at noon and then got to explore the farm through Addie's eyes after consuming two 5 pieces of PIE.  

Addie Jo was in heaven stomping around, seeing all the animals, and hanging with the big kids.

  Watching her enjoy it so much was probably similar to what my parents felt watching us at our great grandparents' farm when we were really little - just the best!  

And here it is:

Lots and lots of sheep

Ice Cream, the horse
An old one room school house still sits on the corner of the property.

Nick and Sarah's nephew, Lucas, who's 8, loved showing Addie around.
And she was smitten.

She's telling him that's her Paw Paw's tractor ;)

This one was around for the fun, too!

Lucas telling Addie that this is where he shoots birds with his grandpa.

He just went on and on, thinking AJ was following his stories...
I had to include her ducktail piece because I love a hair status every now and again!

Water for the sheep

And a Wee Wee named Squirrel, I think.

Nice knowing ya, AJ!

Back to this one, who was having a blast, too!

Too close, Mom, too close!!!

Checking out the piggies again.

Cutie Noah Rhoades

Farm dog, Mac, following the herd.

To see Ice Cream.

Oh hi Addie Jo, nice to see you again ;)

This one was getting some lovin from Uncle Nick.

This is the best!
I think she's laughing at their matching shirts. 

Nah, probably just watching Addie and hoping to get her attention.

Farm girl in the making.

Fell asleep as we pulled away.

Drive back.

Almost home.

These were all one handed from the car as I was reaching back to give Junie a bottle.

Indy Skyline

So we left mid afternoon to come home and little did we know it was just in the nick of time!  
We made it home safely and missed the BIG Midwestern storms just barely!!!  EEKK
  It was a rough drive for about an hour and we had to pull over for a few minutes because no one could see to drive - but it soon cleared and the closer we got to Indy, the better it got and the the worse it got behind us.  Just black skies for miles and miles behind us… 
We would have NEVER driven home if we knew what was coming!
It was WAY TOO CLOSE for comfort!

We feel so badly for all those who weren't as fortunate and who were gravely affected.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.  

Thanks, Rhoades Family, for a wonderful Sunday afternoon on the FARM!

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  1. I want to live there!!

    What a nice day for you and your awesome family, my friend...


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