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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

13 Months and Counting

PHEW, THIS IS A LONG ONE!  Just a head's up!
Yesterday was Adelaide's 13 month birthday.  Here is a peak at what the last 13 months looked like through pictures - well, through November for now!
(THIS IS WHY I SHOULD HAVE STARTED A BLOG LAST YEAR - so I wouldn't have to make a post that covers a year!)


Listening intently to Dad

Week 2, right before her big blowout at Mass, where she had to be torn out of her cute outfit!

We never thought we'd recover from exhaustion at this point!


Things are looking brighter!

Ready for the cold

Enough said.

At cousin Zeke's Baptism

Lady Bug costume (Bill STILL thinks it's a onesie)


Before the St. Pat's Parade, which was literally our first outing for Bill and me - AJ at 9 weeks old

Showing off her Irish for a day spirit!

Arm rolls have to be the best things about little ones!

Found our house at the end of the month!

Got the keys April 26th!

Loving the moving part

Flirting with a neighbor boy

Porch Swing with Dad


Getting ice cream for aunt Jessie's bday.  Not interested in Zeke yet.

Hair sprout!
New England Prep!

Hanging in her new room!

First rice cereal experience!

One of the few times in the Bumbo seat.


On a walk with Mom

Addie's inside Excer Saucer

Pirate for a day and on a treasure hunt!
More interested in Zeke's pirate earring than finding the treasure!
Outside Excer Saucer out by grandma's pool.

Always in the pool!

 JULY - a busy month

Youngest batter at the 4th of July with grandpa's help!

Running the bases with dad while grandma is cheering!

Youngest  camper at Camp Cordry!

Swimming in Lake Cordry

Beatin the heat!

Visiting Nana!

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

Sahm Family Vacation at Grand Beach, Lake Michigan

Addie's not so sure about the sand or the two piece.

Hey guys, wait for me!


Bike Ride with Zeke




BIG pig

Not so sure about the Percheron horse

Hanging with aunt Katie


Playing with the mosaic bench next door

First Bishop Chatard volleyball game
Hair sprout
Big seat - which she was ready for at month 2!


Breakfast with grandpa Bill

Not so "Itsy Bitsy" as the shirt says


Hayride time at Grandma and Grandpa's with cousins
The Duck and Zorro

Trick or Treating

Halloween Night


Watching football with dad

Taking advantage of a nice day

La Hacienda before Thanksgiving

"Now you buckle me in before we go on the Drumstick Dash, Dad."

WINTER 2012-2013:  Coming Soon! 


  1. Oh my! How absolutely adorable is she?! Thank you for sharing your sweet little one. I wish I would have started sooner with my Flynn. I won't even mention that I had never even heard of a blog waaayyy back when my first was born! : )
    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Oh gosh, at least you are blogging so much now! But I know what you mean - it's a great way to keep track of milestones and it's never too late to start... I just think it will be great to go back at the end of the year and have it all here!
    Happy Fat Tuesday!

  3. She really is the cutest! I can't wait to show Grace all of these pics :).


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