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Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Joining Jen at Conversiondiary.com from a classroom while subbing this chilly snowy Friday morning...

"Love is extravagant in the price it is willing to pay, the time it is willing to give, the hardships it is willing to endure, and the strength it is willing to spend.  Love never thinks in terms of "how little," but always in terms of "how much."  Love gives, love knows, and love lasts." - Joni Eareckson Tada

1.) What a nice week it was!  Having Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day back to back has lead me to really reflect on how each day supports the other.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a time of penance and renewal, of sacrifice and fasting, in preparation to be reconciled to God through the resurrection on Easter.  We embrace the need to die to sin and selfishness during Lent to come to a more fullness with Jesus on Easter Sunday.  At the same time, we remember that St. Valentine was beaten and beheaded by a prefect of Rome for not renouncing his faith on February 14, 270.  Both days point us to a greater understanding of LOVE - that because Christ sacrificed everything to give us life, so too, must we sacrifice for love to flourish in our lives.  

St. Valentine = Patron Saint of Love, Young People, and Happy Marriages

2.) Somebody is getting more hair!  Well, just in the back... at least we are fans of mullets!

Not much hair on top to speak of!
Now we are talking!

3.) Aunt Janet was in town after presenting a talk with the Verily team at the Edith Stein Conference at Notre Dame this past weekend.  She left Tuesday for NYC to then turn around and fly out to Sydney on Wednesday. We will miss her but can't wait to see her when she comes back in JUNE to meet baby girl #2.

Bye, Aunt Jan

Hasta Luego!

Have fun with the kangaroos and Mr. Patrick!

4.) Addie Jo discovered that more than just her hand can fit through our not to code railing in the master bedroom upstairs yesterday.  We are in trouble until Bill can add more railings! 


I might have to try this...

Would you look at that!  Even my HEAD fits though!

Oh, hi mom.


5.) After our errand yesterday, we stopped by the Canal to see if there were any ducks wanting to play. 

I think I see one.

There he is.

Hola Patos!


5.) Addie Jo has been a dancing machine these day! She actually does a little shoulder-jig-shake thing when she's just walking around!  She doesn't even need music to feel the beat - she liteally is dancing to her own drum!  Hysterical!  I tried to capture it below -  

Shakin it...

Elbow action...

Ooooo shoulder again

Maybe it's because I let her have a bite of one of these...

6.) Here is what Bill got his girls for Valentine's Day when he came home:

Orange Roses!

7.) And back to the beginning of the post - Lent - Bill and I have decided to fast down to bread and water on Fridays (him) and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily (me) and to take more prayer time in general! Here's hoping we all have a fruitful and prayerful 40 days!

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.  GALATIONS 5:6


  1. Beautiful photos of your little lady! Hope you all have a nice weekend. : )

  2. I love reading your quick takes! Feels like I experienced the whole week with you and addie :).


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