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Monday, February 25, 2013

85 Years and Counting

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I know, my grandma Reva Sahm, who is 85 years young!  Thank you for being the best, grandma!
This is what my aunt Kathy posted about her mom, my grandma, and Addie's great-grandma - 

Happy birthday to my mom, Reva Sahm, the only child of farmers who-- graduated from Purdue, became a high school teacher, got married and popped out 9 kids in 14 years, lost her husband at the age of 45, battled breast cancer at 70, flew a plane at 83, is an amazing grandma to 25, great-grandma to 8, soon to be 10, and still enjoys life (and wine) to the fullest.

Grandma Reva, in the quad at Purdue

Grandma's late husband, my grandpa Bill
Photo: My 80 year-old mom, Reva Sahm, taking her first flying lesson last week, trying to upstage my birthday.
Grandma taking her first flying lesson

Grandma with her 9 kids

Grandma with her 9 kids and the inlaws outlaws

At our wedding

Grandma with Addie Jo, her youngest great grandchild (February 2012)

Grandma with Addie at her 85th birthday party yesterday (February 2013)

We love you!


  1. So nice to share a birthday with a sweetheart of a woman!

  2. Awwwe, that's awesome! Wow 9 kids in 14 years, my new hero.


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