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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Most Special Day

February 18th.
Today marks the one year anniversary of Addie Jo's Baptism.  She was 5.5 weeks old, had just lost all her hair on top, slept most of the day, got to share her weekend with her cousin Zeke, who was baptized the next day, and loved having both her Nana Williams and aunt Janet in town for the big day. 
It was one of the greatest moments for us as a family - celebrating Adelaide's first sacrament in the Church!  I have to admit - she was a pretty cute new member of the faith!  And since our priest says that Baptisms should be remembered and celebrated like birthdays, this day will always be special to us!

We were lucky to be able to have it on Saturday by ourselves at St. Joan of Arc

Great no hair shot!

Baptized by Fr. Guy Roberts

The Williams' Clan with Janet, her godmother

One of the few moments she was awake all day!
Cracked smile
Addie's Nana came for this special day!
Addie with Nana and great aunt Lisa

With grandpa and great grandma Reva; 4 generations of Sahms
The Sahm gang

Still asleep

With aunt Jessie and cousins Teagan, Ari, and Zeke
Woke up to be changed for her party
After party cookies!

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  1. Baptism days are some of the best days in the world! And your little princess's looked as if it were beautiful and blessed...Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful week!


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