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Saturday, February 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 208)

Back again with Jen for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1.) This week I wanted to start posting something about FOOD on Tuesdays and maybe call it something like Tasteful Tuesdays (hopefully I won't be plagiarizing).  It would be a way to post something related to food from the week - like recipes, dinners we've had, places to eat, etc.  Since I didn't get my act together enough to get a post together, I at least took a pic of what my sister Katie made for us last Friday for dinner:

Katie's gluten free gnocchi with thyme and basil, served with sauteed esparagas - perfect for a Lenten Friday

2.) This past week I learned another of the many mom lessons I keep learning lately - Always have more than one pair of shoes on hand for your little one.  Addie's feet are growing so fast that I can't keep up with buying her new ones!  And unfortunately, last Saturday night, she lost one at grandma's house!  So she had to wear her socks to church on Sunday morning, and then afterwards, we headed straight out to buy her some shoes (half off of course)! 

She thought she was pretty cool picking out a pair with her dad:

Check me out, mom

I'm off!

Then she thought this was the coolest thing - walking in the alley with her dad and her new kicks!

Stepping in sync with dad; view of Minnie shoes

Look at me, guys

3.) Speaking of grandma's house, grandma and grandpa have some new tenants living with them now - the Sahm Family!  My brother Andy and sister-in-law Jessie and their three boys sold their house downtown and are living with mom and dad until they find a house in our neighborhood!  So you can imagine how much AJ loves going over there - well, she always does - but now that she has cousins to play with too.  And let me tell you, she walks with a swagger because she "thinks" she is one of them and "thinks" she's playing basketball and tag with them.  It's hysterical. 

Ari, I'm just going to stare at you until you notice me ;)

Showing some "I'm cool" swagger

4.) AND since Addie is obsessed basketball hoops and points them out everywhere we go, she loves that there is a hoop her size that she and Zeke can play with at grandma's.  She claps for herself after every shot, and sometimes even before she "shoots."  We have to get her one for our house for Easter...

Two Points!

Yeah, Zeke!

5.) Dadadadada is what is constantly coming out of Addie's mouth around here.  This week, she's been calling and looking for Bill constantly, even when he's at work.  Then when he comes home, she wants me to hold her.  Of course!  But these two have the best time together - 

Growling like bears at each other

6.)  Addie came down with her 4th cold this winter and whenever I take her to the doc, they just say, keep with the Benedryl, it will pass in a week.  Well, after a really tough Wednesday afternoon and two semi-sleepless nights, we heard from the doctor that she has an ear infection.  It was finally something this time that we could give her medicine for!  She's already feeling better, but man, those things stink!  And she still has her cough on top of that, poor thing!

7.) And for number 7, I just had to share two of my best purchases from Once Upon A Child yesterday:

Diaper bag for $8. I was using a regular bag from Goodwill but this is large enough for two puffs and all their pool things!

Baby Bjorn Active Carrier, $20 - I didn't even know they had this larger size - up to 34"!!!

I saved almost $200 by buying these items used rather than new!  Yippee!  Happy last weekend in February!


  1. Where did you find gluten free gnocchi? That dinner looks delicious! Addie is so cute in her new sneakers and playing basketball - she will be an athlete for sure!

    1. She made them! We actually usually boil the potatoes and then mash them before adding flour and rolling out, but this recipe called for baking the potatoes first (so there wasn't as much water later) and then mashing before mixing with gluten free flour.
      And the fresh thyme and basil were awesome!

  2. Ahhh, yes...the great shoe situation...They do outgrow them so quickly, don't they?! Lucky for me, I kept all my kids shoes in a tub in the basement. Because they outgrow them so quickly, they are still almost like new, especially the "church" ones. Now that I am on my 3 rd girl, I can shop in my own basement! Love your quick takes! : )

    1. Thanks for the love! Yes we will recycle these shoes, too, especially with another girl on the way ;)

  3. Love the Idea of tasteful Tuesdays (I think I already said that :). And I want that plate of food.
    So cute that she loves bball hoops!


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