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Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 205)
7 Quick Takes Friday - An idea I stole from numerous lovely bloggers to help sum up the week! 

The most important and special thing that has happened this week for Casa Williams - 
getting our 20 week ultrasound Thursday and finding out WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL!  
I definitely thought it was a boy (the old wives tales told me so haha) but Bill definitely called this one, and has had vivid dreams about her having dark hair.  Hmmm, hard to imagine that... but definitely possible with dark members on both sides of the family!  
We have no idea what her name will be and I just annoyed Bill at work with 10 possible name combos to think on via text heehee.  Her name needs to sound good with Williams and with Addie because we will probably be calling after them as a pair often!  Any suggestions? ;)

It's a GIRL!  (measuring a week larger than her gestational age - surprised? I think not)

***WARNING: The remaining sections couldn't possibly compete with this first one (and probably won't from here on out on future posts)!***

Another "kind of big deal" thing for Casa Williams is that we got a new car/truck!  Not that anything was wrong with our 2006 4Runner named Round Rhonda, but we just couldn't fit two car seats behind the two front seats comfortably, and the fact that we had equity in Rhonda and the interest rates on used cars were so low - we (well really, Bill, since any topic on cars sounds like a foreign language to me) just couldn't pass up this great deal! (What a blessing that my husband is in the business ;))

Addie hanging out on Rhonda, the old 4Runner
Good "hair" blowing in the wind pic

Now, this car (I think it's called a Nissan Armada - jk), is way too fancy for me and will probably be the nicest car I ever drive around town- well, that is, if I ever figure out what 2/3rds of the buttons in it are for!

2008 Nissan Armada LE
No name for this car yet - it might just be Truck because it can carry up to 8 (Bill and I plus 6 kids - yikes, again, jk!!! err maybe)

I recorded and watched the Red Carpet for the SAG awards this past Sunday - I have to keep up on fashion somehow!  Bill was a good sport (but probably embarrassed that I'm sharing this), and actually sat through some of it with me.  Although I have to admit, not only were the dresses better the week before for the Golden Globes, but it was also a tad more fun watching it with my stylish sister, Janet... no offense, Bill.  Below are the few dresses I liked that were flattering and not too revealing:

Jenna Fischer (Pam!)
Classic black for the preggo Busy Phillips ;)

Freida Pinto

Guliana Rancic
Kelly Osborne

This week it really hit me that I don't have much time left with just Addie; which is a great thing, since we are giving her a sibling, but I will definitely miss our "just us" moments, snuggling on the couch with her bottles and Pinky.  I need to keep cherishing those times while getting excited for the new puff to arrive, too! 

Most likely watching Princess Sofia
Typical morning hairstyle
Waiting for a snuggle, or upset she can't find her "Pinky"
Ope! There's the Pinks!
One day at a time. That is enough. #dailydose

Bill and I finally got to watch the last of one of the few shows we record and watch together - LEVERAGE - on TNT, that was aired back in December (we sometimes don't get around to watching it until weeks after it airs, as you can see).  Much to our dismay, we found out it was the FINAL episode and we were totally bummed, especially because it is one of the few shows that doesn't have all the "JUNK" in it.  And I think Bill liked it because other than Burn Notice, it is the only show I'll watch; until we start hopefully watching Downton Abbey, which I don't know if I can get him on board for ;)

We loved this show!

I was able to do four 30 minute walks outside this week - which hasn't happened in a long time!  And if you know me, even though I don't look like I exercise, it's something I kind of need to function well, even if it's just my walks to get out into the fresh air.  Today will not be a day that I can get out by myself or with AJ because it's -10 degrees outside! :(

In a couple of months it will be like this again! (Addie Jo at 6 months)

AND FINALLY, as you can see, I started blogging this week!  I've wanted to do it for awhile but wasn't sure I'd be consistent with it or if it would be worth all the effort, but then I realized it will be a great way to keep a journal of the weeks and years as our family keeps growing!  Thanks for inspiring me, Colleen and Kristin (I think my only two followers to date!)  :)
First week of blogging (sounds a lot like jogging but with out the sweat!)

Stay warm this weekend everyone!


  1. So now that you're doing 7QT, do you know how to link up to Jen at Conversion Diary so that everyone can read it?

    I hope you got my email yesterday, and we are so excited for you guys!!!! I'm thinking Colleen Williams has a nice ring to it, but is that Bill's sister's name? Maggie is a great one too...Addie and Maggie.

    1. Oh and duh, what I *really* wanted to say was that Bill needs to hook us up with a car like that. It's awesome and I need it, OK?

    2. Hey! yes the car is awesome. it's like driving a truck but gas is crazy and it's a good thing I don't drive far! and i don't know how to link up Jen at Conversion Diary so I need to look into it or will need your help...
      I didn't get the email - did you send it to my gmail?
      Can't wait to hop over and read yours today!

    3. I replied back to the email that you had sent. Hmmmm.

      Just go to conversiondiary.com, and follow the steps to add your link. You will need to copy your link (right click on your title) so that you can paste it when she asks for the url. You'll figure it out!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What about Addie and Maddie (or Mattie, or however) :-)

  3. Not just because today is her feast day, but for a name- Bridget. And it shouldn't be that hard to convince him to watch Downton Abbey, even I'm hooked. I skipped playing basketball last night with the men's club to watch a couple episodes.....

  4. Bill's sister's name is Jennie - and I happen to be very fond of it. :)
    Besides, Addie and Jennie rhyme, same number of syllables, and you all are already used to saying "AJ" :)

  5. Can't get over that ultra sound pic :)

    Love the flapping hair.

    ohhhh, love your pics with the fashion.

    We will have to check out leverage.

    Love it that you are blogging. :)

  6. Thanks for the name ideas, everyone. We might just go a bit unconventional, who knows??? Even though I'm pretty indecisive, we still have 4 months until she gets here ;).
    Thank goodness!


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